Why is this man smiling?

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 03/14/2009 - 15:37.

Today, I was fortunate to hear Sandor Katz discuss microorganisms and understanding how communities can determine our overall health.  Sudhir, Jenita, Frank G. and many more were in attendance today, so you will hear many reports.

I was intrigued afterward to encounter Steve Mastroianni, photographer extraordinaire, who has set up shop on West 14th St. in Tremont.  Newly introduced to the viral/biotic community of Facebook, Steve also latched on to the realization that workplace can serve as billboard and community interface.  One might call it permaculture...the diversity of the interface and the edge.

Stop by and say hi to Steve and consider setting up your own neighborhood storefront to market the skills and services we need as a community.  It's all good.


 Think about it.  And, then DO something.

Storefront community


It makes sense to provide goods and services from a small storefront.  Communities need to eat, need to share resources--why not have these goods and services nearby? 

Custom Airbrush

  Today, I stopped by to say hi to my friend Carol, a local artist, working in airbrush and mandala art with Andre Holt out of a storefront on the corner of Pearl Rd. and Broadview in Cleveland. 

No website, no frills, just human interaction--You can't miss the storefront w/it's textured yellow entrance. 

If you need detailing or any airbrush work call Andre or Carol for more information at Andre Holt 322-4337.  Carol is also a yoga instructor and a student in the Art of Life :)