Why realNEO Really Matters, and Always Will: 11,320 page titles were viewed a total of 865,730 times last year

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 03/01/2010 - 04:50.

Several trolls on realNEO have been planting insults here that "realNEO doesn't matter"... which is wrong. All realNEO members should take offense.

The beauty of realNEO is that last year people in nearly every country in the world looked at 11,430 DIFFERENT pages, a total of 865,730 times. Most of those pages were created right here in Northeast Ohio - all were created by common realNEOans... 100s of us... over more than 5 years.

And, we all collectively own this.

While some pages may have more reads than others, I don't think that matters to any of us - each page had an average of around 80 reads in the last year - around 2 minutes of reading per page - more than half of those visitors went deeper into realNEO - we are very popular, and know that.

How popular really doesn't matter, but we are keeping score.

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and you, Norm

are the magic behind this.

No one else could do it better.

No magic here

It's just the best social network in the world.

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