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State governments concerned about Amazon Black Friday 2010 deals Past a single day, Black Friday has expanded to almost a full week. The Black Friday 2010 deals have already started on Amazon. Many states are concerned about the Amazon Black Friday 2010 offers, though.

Black Friday 2010 at Amazon

The Black Friday 2010 deals have started being declared by Amazon currently in order to sell more during the holidays. The Amazon Black Friday 2010 strategy is simple - undercut every other retailer's Black Friday specials. This whole week, Black Friday 2010 and Cyber Monday 2010 can be added to Amazon. Typically Amazon.com prices are much cheaper than store stores currently. There's a 5 to 20 percent discount just by shopping there.

Consumer grievances about Amazon Black Friday 2010

Buyers are filing grievances currently, almost as easily as the Black Friday 2010 offers went up. Many say that Amazon Black Friday 2010 deals are going too fast. Many are mad that they are not considered “deals” to some. This is because they only last a few minutes to a few hours. The items are being sold so fast that those with slower internet connection can’t get what they want. Many say this is “discrimination” in Amazon.

How sales tax works with Amazon Black Friday 2010

It seems amazing to get all of the Black Friday 2010 offers from Amazon with the cheap prices. Amazon is often able to offer affordable prices for one simple reason - sales tax. Most states allow Amazon to go on without sales tax. It isn’t required on orders. The final price of a product will go down almost 10 percent sometimes depending on this. Technically, state law demands that "use tax" is paid on any product purchased out-of-state where gross sales tax is not charged. Most customers don't pay this use tax, though. Because Amazon does not have to charge this tax that real stores are required by law to charge, Amazon is always going to be cheaper. At Amazon, buyers can be saving cash. Black Friday 2010 will be even cheaper. Many states are mad that they're losing money based on this. The state budgets are going down even more due to this.

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