Wikileaks 101 - Wikileaks: Podesta Emails; Hillary Clinton Email Archive; DNC Email Archive.

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Starting Oct. 26, this area will contain an ever-growing list of Wikileaks releases. It's easy to forget the shocking, voluminous list of damning Clinton-Podesta offenses because there are so many, tens of thousands. We hope you will review them and see if these corrupt politicians are who you want in the White House and to consider long and hard if you truly believe they have your interests at heart. Keep in mind this is only a short, partial list, a synopsis. For the rest, go here: Wikileaks: Podesta Emails; Hillary Clinton Email Archive; DNC Email Archive. These will remain available until the election. Please copy this and send it to friends, family, list groups and social media.

The following list of Clinton Wikileaks Revelations was outlined and broken down by Jesse Watters on Watters' World airing on the Fox News channel Oct. 22, 2016.

POLITICAL Revelations
Hillary "hate[s] everyday Americans"
"Needy Latinos" – their term for Hispanics
Bernie Sanders is a "doofus"
Pushed Obama "Muslim" narrative – Clinton campaign pushed this all the while denying same
"Have a public and a private position" – Hillary's 2-faced M.O.; tells bankers, Wall Street, the elite one thing while telling the public (read that "voters") the opposite
Campaign denigrating Catholics
Refers to Bernie Sanders' supporters as "basement dwellers" and Donald Trump supporters as a "basket of deplorables"

MEDIA Revelations
Hillary fed actual debate question by Donna Brazile, DNC Chairman and Fox News contributor
Debate moderator (John Harwood at CNBC bragging he took down Trump) in the tank for Hillary
Media (Politico, NY Times, Washington Post) lets Democrats edit stories before publishing
Hillary wines and dines media with off-the-record dinners trying to frame the campaign launch. There were always suspicions that media were corrupt, but now there is proof. The people that are supposed to alert Americans about the proof are the ones that are corrupt. That's why we're not hearing about it.

CORRUPTION Revelations
Obama DOJ collusion with Clinton campaign warning them when the emails would be released
Campaign strategizing on email cover-up whether to delete or keep some
"Take the money!" from foreign government lobbyists, which not even the Obama admin. does
"Make Soros happy"
Moroccan government pay-for-play where $12M was pledged to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for a Clinton Foundation conference in that country

Hillary wants "open borders"
Syrian refugees can't be fully vetted, but wants to bring in about 100,000 more
Bin Laden raid leaks, in a big speech with bankers she divulged information that had never been disclosed publicly about wanting globalism and open borders
Clinton campaign manager said it would have been "better" if the terrorist had been a white man referring to the San Bernardino shooter, illustrating how delusional the Democratic party is about Islamic terrorism

PERSONAL Revelations
Bill's "sex life could be "damaging"
Chelsea is "a spoiled brat" who will say one thing and then stab you in the back
Apologies are Hillary's "Achilles heel"
Hillary "often confused" and "naps" – for the Commander-in-Chief to often be confused and napping doesn't inspire confidence


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