Will REALNEO ever have interactive comments, feedback, and a real sense of community again?

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Wed, 01/04/2012 - 23:09.

 As time progresses and life's challenges, news, and information are presented; the question of feedback, interactive exchanges, learning, and so much more are curiously being reviewed in my thoughts. 

Much lost content via "comments" discourages input due to the "block" being effectuated here on realneo. 

Regression with the "regime" winning by squelching the truth seekers is apparent. 


Shall we REALNEO participants call this "DEFEAT"??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Is this what "they" all wanted...??? (For the real people to be "shut up" and "quit speaking the truth about the corruption"....????) 

Have "they" "accomplished their mission" to portray crimes upon us to deliberately hush our freedom of speech against social injustices???? 


Seriously.....I have unyielding love for my REALNEO family.....but have the corrupt annihilated our spirit???? 


When will REALNEO Administrators restore interactive comments?

When will REALNEO Administrators restore Polls?

When will REALNEO Administrators disempower the corrupt who destroy our freedom of speech? 

When will REALNEO Administrators restore the REALNEO community? 


Just Curious???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????




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