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Woodland Avenue between E55 and E35th (CSU campus) has recently undergone full depth reconstruction.  Can you list the sustainable "green" engineering which has been incorporated in the new street and sidewalk and drainage design?

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Woodland Sustainability - promoted by GCBL and E4S, etc, etc


Was it bioswales? or the pervious pavement? Was it reduced hardsurface? Or a better National Pollution Discharge  Elimination   System? Was it the additional tree lawn landscaping?  Was it the percolating storm drain catchment basins?  Or was it an innovation promoted by the Cleveland's Department of Sustainability?
Or none of the above?


From what I've seen....

Looks like a repave, with lots of plain old concrete to me. Definitely not additional greenspaces and landscaping.

I was just noticing today how our section of the Healthline, through East Cleveland, doesn;t look neraly as healthy as on the Cleveland side of the border...

I'd guess Woodland will be about as ugly as what we got with Euclid in EC.

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Woodland Outhwaite WIFI

Now I have been keeping my eyes peeled on the Woodland road reconstruction - for any little sign that Cleveland's Sustainablity Men and Women are on the JOB.

The street is waiting for the top asphalt right now, and so far I haven't seen any sign of the SustainCleveTeam. 

I did measure the width of the new street and sidewalks - just about 100 feet wide - solid impervious paving.

Multiply this times the length of the street, and it ads up to about 14 acres of solid paving.  

That's not sustaining anything...

But there's still hope of some improvement over the old street.  Yesterday,  I think I saw One Community's Lev Gonick in a bucket truck tying in a WiFi transciever to a light pole in order to provide the Outhwaite Homes a community connection. 




What are the spec's on the public wifi?

I find it hard to believe OneCommunity is setting up free wifi in Cleveland's housing projects. Do you know any details about this?

I don't think installing wifi equipment is part of Lev's job, so what was he doing in a bucket truck?

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where are our heroes?

 it does seem that the "non- profit" "green" well funded organizations would be mroe involved in the day-to-day actual planning and spending of our tax dollars.

Is that not what their purpose is?

Government Should Lead, Not Follow

This exposes the problem. Our "non-profit Green" leaders are not sophisticated and focused to address big infrastructure challenges, where the green opportunities are most immediate, but they have gutted government of internal leadership that may take green initiatives themselves - so we lose all around.

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Woodland poles painted

Was it the way the paint was rolled on the poles in April? 

Or was it the new energy efficient LEDs in the old Cobra Head mercury fixtures?

Was it the re-purposing of the historic Berea Sandstone curbing removed from the street?

Was it wider  bike lanes?

Was it traffic calming/pedestrian sanctuary and crossing islands?

Was it?