Wordpress versus Drupal

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Just wondering if folks could elaborate on the strengths and weaknesses of these open source content management platforms?



Wordpress has more Facebook fans, so I guess it's the more popular of the two--but is popularity everything?


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WordPress and Drupal

WordPress is great for blogging and great for creating the common website. It's easy to set up and manage, and very popular. It has had more traction with designers, and therefore, a greater universe of pre-built templates to choose from. As greater demand has pushed for broader functionality, it has been expanding from a blogging tool into the CMS domain.

Drupal is a CMS that now expands into the domain of a web application framework, allowing creation of sophisticated web sites/applications. It is more difficult to manage but easier to extend. It comes with less out-of-the-box, but allows for more via its vast universe of contributed modules. It better supports a site with different types of contributors, different types of content, and different ways of manipulating up the content.

Drupal isn't doing as well in the popularity contest because it isn't as usable for the average person -- who doesn't want (nor should want) to spend time to learn the system. However, the Drupal community realizes its product's slightly-arcane (geek-centric) nature and is working hard on improving usability and documentation.

Google for WordPress and Drupal and you'll find a lot. And check out Google TrendsWhy WordPress Will Make Drupal Irrelevant is worth reading. I don't necessarily agree with the article, but it follows with an interesting conversation exposing some of the common perceptions of supporters of each platform.

As some of the comments after that article allude, this has become a holy war not unlike that of Mac/Linux/Windows, and it can be difficult to find an unbiased opinion. These are apples and oranges; one's not inherently better. Which is better for the particular setting is dependent on what you're hoping to create, how it will evolve, and who's involved.

Drupal for libraries??

  Thanks Jeff!  I have a feeling that many libraries are wrestling over this choice and your explanation certainly helps me. 

Now..how about browsers?--Foxfire allows me to use the citation program Zotero...

Any experience with this site?  http://www.zotero.org

It uses Wordpress...so should we abandon Drupal???


I need help have been head to head with Countrywide since 2008

I have been head to head with Countrywide since September 2008.  All I wanted to do was refinance my 8.375% interest on my 30 yr fixed.  I am gainfully employed and not upside down on my mortgage. During the refinancing in Sept 2008 I was told by their loan officer it would take less than 30 days since I was already a customer of Countrywide and my next mortage payment would be Dec 2008. In the meantime Countrywide closed hundreds of branches and all documents etc were deleted.  I had to start over from scratch they had my account at all times in view.  We ordered the appraisal and they canceled it saying I had my first 30 day late therefore the loan was denied I worked with numerous other mortgage companies and even paid for an appraisal that no one will give me a copy of and denied denied denied.  I filed numerous complaints with the CEO of Countrywide and in November 2008 received a letter that they found in my favor and would fix my credit.  Ya right!!!  It is now April, I have applied for their "Home Retention" plan and found out that all my mortgage payments have been put in a fund for their home retention program and I am now being reported 5 months late and they are demanding 5000.00 to catch up my payments, since the funds do not count and there is no guarantee.  I am not an Ohio resident I live in Illinois but I saw the Senator on CNN and wanted to find her myself.  I have filed complaints with the California and Illinois Attorney Generals, BBB, OCC, my state legislator Judy Biggert, have contacted all the credit bureaus with copies of their letters and I am screwed and going to lose my home of 25 years.

I know there are people with children, and illnesses and unemployed but I fought very hard for what I have while raising 3 boys on 10,100.00 a year with 350.00 for rent back then and a car payment of 66.00. 


I need advice and help.  To my knowledge there is no class action suit against Countrywide who by the way is now owned by Bank of America.  I have written faxed and called everyone I can and the foreclosure papers are on their way.  I have no family, or parents, no rich Aunt or Uncle I have no idea what I will do, I cannot lose my house but do you think Countrywide really cares??? NO


Therefore I will exercise my squatters rights and hope that OBama straightens this all out since I do not qualify for his packages.


Is there some help for me out there?????

Free CLINICS for homeowners

  More local information should be forthcoming soon to help you from defaulting on your mortgage.   Please call me at work 216-623-6920 (Laura) and I can give you some potential dates to meet with a Housing Counselor. 

Lu needs help in Illinois.  She saw the recommendation by Marcy Kaptur to exercise her right to squat until the property terms of her loan are resolved.  She is not the first person, I have heard from where monthly mortgage rates are going up on homeowners with fixed rate mortgages.  She is unable to refinance due to one late payment.  She will post more here soon.  What has been the fallout from Marcy Kaptur's advice to homeowners doled out on the congressional house floor in January of 2009?  


Kaptur's advice

Kaptur recommends calling the local Legal Aid Society, Bar Association or 888-995-4673 for legal assistance.

I believe you're referring to Representative Marcy Kaptur's "Facing foreclosure? Don't leave. Squat."

I think a class action against Countrywide/Bank of America is a good idea. As evidenced, we're gonna have to MAKE DEMANDS of the new administration. So far it's not what it was cracked up to be - not on the justice front.









don't forget to check out ESOP, if you haven't already.

They have been successfully dealing with this crap for years.


I just emailed them if there is an office in Illinois



Got a letter from Countrywide they want to meet with me in person????


Called the number on the letter BOGUS

You really want to cry..........go here