YASSER A JAWHARI sam 's gas station in tremont - his and family criminal history theft forgery food stamp fraud weapon illegal

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YASSER A JAWHARI -sam 's gas station in tremont -

YASSER A JAWHARI -sam 's gas station in tremont - his and family criminal history-  theft forgery food stamp fraud illegally carrying concealed weapon-

ts been reported- also resisting arrest assaulted two cleveland police officers when he was arrested for being drunk also assaulted one of his emplyoees - illegal drug use and sells- neighborhood drug users-dealers criminals worked at sam's - sam - ron that used to work at sam's was accused of conning not repairing cars when he said he did-

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Re: FW: [tremontleaders] FW: a concern Re: FW: [tremontleaders] FW: a concern
I also had a problem with them. They did $350.00 worth of work on my car in March and it was still not running correctly.

> Sammy, Keith Sutton was just here and very upset...There is at
this time a situation where he would like all of us to pass the
word.....He has been using the gas station on 10th for his company.
He had set up a situation where his employees could fill up their
car/trucks and sign a receipt. At the end of each week Sutton then
paid the bill. He noticed the bill had been getting larger but
attributed it to gas prices. This last bill was so high that he
looked it over and found several forged signatures to the tune of over
$900.00 dollars. Keith confronted him and he admitted a couple of the
forgeries and then got physical with Keith....Keith called the police
and pressed charges and the owner of the station ( I can't remember
his name) pressed charges against Keith. Now Keith says he has only
himself to blame for trusting the guy and not checking the bill.
However this is a felony we are talking about....We think this word
should be announced at all meetings and
> passed on to everyone....If you buy gas there only pay cash...he
could also forge a charge slip. But, I also believe that we do not
want to knowingly support someone like that in Tremont. We want to
support and help honest people who are committed to our community not
out to cheat us....Thanks, Sue Oh, by the way, Keith has copies of
the forged bills if you want to see them. I also called Scott and
told him to pass the word through Tremont West........
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> To: Sammy Ross Catania
> Subject: a concern


Case History of YASSER A JAWHARI
Case Number Case Status Filing Date Jail / Bail Status
CR-07-495881-A CASE CLOSED 05/02/2007 ---
CR-06-490415-A CASE CLOSED 12/04/2006 ---
CR-98-361606-ZA CASE CLOSED 04/06/1998 ---
CR-97-358094-ZA CASE NO BILL 12/17/1997 ---

Statute Description

Statute Description
2913.31 FORGERY
2913.31 FORGERY
2913.31 FORGERY
2913.31 FORGERY
2913.31 FORGERY
2913.31 FORGERY
2913.31 FORGERY
2913.31 FORGERY
2913.31 FORGERY
2913.31 FORGERY
2913.31 UTTERING
2913.31 UTTERING
2913.31 UTTERING
2913.31 UTTERING
2913.31 UTTERING
2913.31 UTTERING
2913.31 UTTERING
2913.31 UTTERING
2913.31 UTTERING
2913.31 UTTERING
2913.02 THEFT


Name Date of Birth Race Sex Pending Cases? Defendant ID
ADAL JAWHARI 08/18/1941 O M NO 29202
HISSAM A JAWHARI 01/25/1962 O M NO 142742
NABIL S JAWHARI 10/23/1945 W M NO 180610
YASSER A JAWHARI 01/14/1962 O M NO 163792

Statute Description

Statute Description

Statute Description



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Guy, Again a plain outright


Again a plain outright attempt at intimidating someone into submission by throwing our their past records.   You know the best way to deflect being called up to muster is to throw a spot light on somebody else?

If Sam was such a bad seed in the neighborhood, why would Sammy (TWDC) offer up and try to insist that they sign a Storefront Renovation Project Loan?

How interesting is it that everytime TWDC finds themselves being challenged or opposed the only way they know how to slap people around is by posting their past records?  The cases are closed and ended, over and done with.

The actions taken by those in leadership positions when they get cornered say more about their character than the best written bios ever will.  

We all know that Sammy sent some kids over to paint your house a couple of weeks ago and did I not read on Realneo just a couple of weeks ago that Tom Cook had ask for your bio as a possible to be considered for the vacant board seat.  How long did  Sammy Catania threaten you with harassment charges for sending him e-mails?  Were you not the one that called me a couple of days ago at 1:00am in the morining  to tell me that I was your hero?    

People make mistakes, get caught up in things they shouldn't - but that does not make them all bad people.  Were you the one that posted my family's past history out there?   

You were ignored for how long by TWDC? 

I have enough faith and trust in people to believe that People will continue to support Sam.  I have never heard one single bad word about him.  He has help me and many many other less fortunate people in this neighborhood.  And that, will count for something. 

Even the BOZA agenda states that TWDC ask for the postponment to discuss plans with owners of the gas station.  If this had any real bearing on anything, the Long Range Planning Committee, Block Club, etc., would not be discussing a vote because Sam and John Gilotta will not give in to blackmail.


I know the Gillotas and they seem cool

I noticed in the BOZA postponement that the owner of the property is Gillota Oil. I know the Gillotas and have a special respect for the family - they built their business competing head to head with the Rockfeller, and are still standing... not to mention Bernadette being Cleveland's Independent Pictures and Niki being Gypsy Beans.

They will unfortunately soon lose their Broadway Mills historic headquarters building on the Central Viaduct to the bridge construction, I believe, which is one of our region's greatest losses of historic property. I toured the building with Ed Hauser and others - it is spectacular and near pristine original late-1800s condition. Saving this was one of Ed's priorities, but now that fight is dead.

I can't imagine the Gillota's won't get proper treatment and respect in court - these are not the type of people who are bum-rushed.

Disrupt IT

Norm, You said it.  The


You said it.  The most interesting aspect of this entire situation is that up until many of us wanted to support Sam, nobody mentioned anything about any of this stuff.  They (TWDC) and the committees were happy to deal with Sam and the Gilottas.  It was not until they did not agree to take the "Storefront Renovaton Loan"  that they came under attack. 

I have never seen any thing out of the ordinary either when he had the store or at the gas station.  His employees are always courteous, nice and helpful.  i shopped at the Brown's store and never had any complaints. 

It's plain to see that the gas station doe not fall in with the new look of things around here - but it has been a gas station and auto garage for decades.

Sam still has our support.

please clarify

Can someone clarify why this posting ever happened at all? When I look at the court dockets, I find that one case was "nolled" then another "no binder over charges" and another "no billed". There was an old one that he received probation. Also, the bails bonds people were, and this is funny (or not) Catania, Louis, Allegheny Causality Co. 

He pled guilty to disorderly conduct. He was charged with multiple felonies, and those were dropped.

We all know that charges are ramped up in order to try to get the most out of a case. Working in the neighborhoods, when an arsonist gets caught, we want him charged with everything imaginable, i.e. throw the book at him.

It also happens to honest people who make poor decisions, and then the charges stay on the record. The State Supreme Court ordered the ohio department of parole to NOT consider the charges when deciding when or if a convict should be paroled, just what the person was convicted of in the end. Do we need a court of common sense to tell us pretty much the same?


Debbie, I am pretty sure


I am pretty sure that this was the work of someone behind Guy pulling the strings.  If you notice the postings from "tremontleaders" involves Sammy, Keith Suttton.  Sammy and Keith were partners in building the condos on West 6th Street.  I know Guy and he and Sammy have been at each other's throats for a long time.  He even refers to Sammy as being in the Mafia. 

Guy is one of the residents that our new organization mentioned trying to get someone to help paint his house - all of a sudden Sammy is over there with the youth group from the Merrick House and overnight Guy was singing Sammy's praises.   

Posting this information - because it looks worse than it is - is meant to create distrust.  Sue Coy is a member of the Board of Trustees at TWDC. 

The biggest factor in all this is that:

They were ALL behind and willing to write a letter of support and endorsement when they (TWDC, Long Range Planning Committee and the North of Literary Block Club) thought that they were going to be successful in getting Sam and John Gillotts to sign on for the Storefront Renovation Project Loan. 

Sammy is a member of the NOL Block Club.  Their meetings are held at Lago's - and made up of several members of the board, Sammy, and a few of the beautiful people (hoity toitys)  I do not believe that any of the regular everyday people attend.

I was present at the LRP meeting when Sammy Catania said that if they did not accept the "Loan" they were going to write a letter of non-support.  Of all the shit that has been pulled in this community, this is one of the most distasteful. 

If you notice the posting from Tremont leaders is dated August 17, the day it was made public that Sam would be given support  by the Old South Side Community Coalition.   Up until that point, nobody inside the organization had any issues with an old record or the quality of Sam's work.  Keith Sutton has his own issues in the neighborhood.  There's a big sign hanging at the top of a section of the Condos on University Hill complaining about the substandard construction of the development.  At one time, I remember someone posting a picture of the sign, it was either on the old Tremonter or Realneo, I don't recall which.










It was here at RealNeo

and it was a picture of a 20' long banner someone paid to be made and hung, posted here. It criticizes Sutton Builders for shoddy construction. The homeowners claim they have serious black mold issues because of it and Sutton is non-responsive.

That reminds me - they posted laminated fliers around the neighborhood as well. someone else immediately took them down, but I saw one the other day. I'll scan it and post it (and of course carefully replace it).


Jerleen, it was 8/17/06. Three years ago. Part of my needing clarification. 

Sutton Builders complaint

here's the associated flier posted in Tremont:

I think these people are kinda pissed....