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Long day on the Redline and back again

I went to CWRU in the a.m. to swim and then home, then back again by train, for the Greater Cleveland Partnership-PD Litt Spin Job on the Opportunity Corridor.  

In the a.m. I stopped counting the number of CSX train cars filled with debris from East Cleveland - "the forgotten circle" - being demo'd for developers and not mentioned by the media except to laud the Land Bank (which is a criminal enterprise).  

On way to the museum event - I shot this picture of a woman doing yoga in the park.  She owns the park.  She does not let insane fear rob her of the "Opportunity" to enjoy the beauty of this "URBAN" neighborhood.  I watched two other students follow her lead and settle in the grass to enjoy the sun setting over a serene and beautiful park. 

Surely, there must be a way to make a dollar off of this moment! 

Thank you to the folks who are speaking out -