Zinnia - please tell me more about color

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 10/11/2009 - 20:37.
Zinnia - please tell me more about color

This week these colors are actually out of date here in NEO.  I took the images about 3 weeks ago, and was distracted until now so I didn't get them up on Realneo (Rn) in a timely fashion.   Anyway, here they are as a colorful counterpoint to the dreary stuff - mine included - which has been in the header lately.  These absolutely spectacular flowers grew out of the gound under the Geauga sun.  Rn people - users I know - raised, watered, cut and brought these flowers to my camera.  Very cool.

But how does Mother Nature do this color?

After seeing these colors up on my Sony flat screen, I had to come back and edit/add to this report.  Because what I realize is that every one of the millions and millions of monitors out there (in the world) have the phosphores - have the capacity - to project brilliant colors.  But 99% of the time no one calls on the colors to show, to glow. 

Drab life.

The color capacity is there, built in, right under the surface, but there is no digital message sent to excite the colors.

So life is drab.  For a lot of us.

If I were a legislator, I would get the Republicans, and the Democrats, to pass color-every-day legislation.   

I am not kidding.  

Healthcare is important and long overdue.

But with the embibement of daily color, the national health care bill would go from 1 trillion over 10 years (Obama's projection), way down - way down.



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Beautiful image Jeff

Sorry to read about the medical issues - hope for the best to all.

Disrupt IT

beautiful images

 These are a balm to the mind and I'd give more percentage than 3.

Color and light

I've always felt we need to address SAD head on here - put in light stations for people to recharge (a far better use for the Galleria and old unused malls) - and what I love about lots of pop and other contemporary art is use of vibrant color - look at Stanczak and Op!... right now at MoCA - imagine combining Stanczak with SAD therapy!

Stanczac Mural in Cincinnati

There was a time when Stanczak color brightened the Cleveland skyline... now we only find this in Cincinnati.

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Happy, Happy Zinnias

I haven't been able to grown them the past couple of years...and my Mexican Sunflowers haven't bloomed either, so thank you JB for the 
color riot! 

Love the colors of the

Love the colors of the zinnias too.  Thanks for the pics Jeff Buster. 

I am going to plant some next spring. 

Inspired by Zinnias

This header inspired me to plant zinnias in 2010. Then more. Last year, and this year, a section of the yard is a zinnias patch, with 3 heights. Last year the zinnia patch was a conversation starter with people walking on the sidewalk that could see them in the back. I doubled the amount, and now am enjoying the riot of colors and textures (I planted several varieties as well as heights and colors).

Thank you dwebb - dramatic color in your eyes

 The history of the header goes like this:   I used to visit a friend who worked out in Geauga County on an organic farm. 

My friend would come home in the evening exhausted from the work. 

One late afternoon when I stopped by my friend proudly showed me some flowers - zinnias - simple - but the colors were off the map. 

I set the flowers up against a white cardboard background. Just laid them out. 

Then I took the image through Photoshop and made certain the background was washed out.  

The 5 flowers are absolutely real.  Absolutely amazing!

That's the header image. 

But look at the colors.  The colors are off the top.  

How does MNature do this?

I am still blown away. 

Plant on for next year. 

Your spirit will be stronger.