07.26.05 Excellence Roundtable Invitation

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 07/26/2005 - 08:41.
07/26/2005 - 10:30

Dear Friend,

Just a quick reminder, there is an excellence roundtable today, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM, at the City Club.

Please stop by to brainstorm on the power of NEO's virtual community, which spans the world and is far underleveraged here at home. The outcome of these discussions will be plans for an excellence roundtable we shall hold in New York, NY, August 11, at Jones Day's offices there. The purpose of extending roundtables beyond Cleveland is to better connect our interests here with the more powerful networks found beyond our physical borders.

For example, there are 155 graduates of my high school alma mater, University School, now living in NYNY - it seems most are in high finance - they will all be invited to the roundtable to help brainstorm on how they may become better connected with their home town. That is just one of my networks - I have others - you have your own - together we have 10,000s of relationships in NYNY that have direct connections with NEO that we may leverage, if we just build a strong virtual community. Same applies in DC... Chicago... SF...

We are now building up NEOs global virtual community and we want you to join in the process, beginning at the roundtable today - ultimate pursuit is to raise good-term funding across NEOs abundant global virtual community for economic development here at home.

Another nice opportunity of today's roundtable is to meet the new Tech Transfer Tsar at the Cleveland Institute of Art - David Moss - to learn about his program now being implemented, which has global implications as well.

These are exciting times - join our celebration!

Norm Roulet

Walk-ins welcome - RSVP appreciated... norm [at] realinks [dot] us or 216-534-1732.
About the NEO Excellence Roundtable: People who care about Northeast Ohio who are openly strategizing on how our region may achieve world-class status - we are establishing benchmarks for success and taking action in pursuit of measurable outcomes. Current pursuits include bridging the digital divide in East Cleveland, deploying the optimal social network for Northeast Ohio, exploring innovative approaches to funding regional economic development and entrepreneurship, and exploring innovative approaches to improve education in NEO.

We're nurturing face to face visioning and so have revived a storied tradition of roundtable lunches at the City Club, each Tuesday between 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM, where non-hierarchical area innovation champions are breaking bread and brainstorming. The NEO Excellence Roundtable format is casual and conversational - to join us for lunch, please contact coordinator Norm Roulet at norm [at] realinks [dot] org. Each attendee is expected to pay for your own buffet lunch, which is $13 and always excellent - if that is a barrier to you attending, please join us regardless and we'll cover the difference.

In the interest of supporting this open collaboration, we've also established a virtual Community Of Interest Link (COIL) called NEO Excellence - please visit at http://neoexcellence.realinks.us. To participate in the community, please "create an account" using the link found at the home page - or, if you have an account at another REALinks site... like at REALNEO... you may log-in with your username followed by @ that site's URL (e.g. your username [at] realneo [dot] us), and then enter your password from that site


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