90.3 @ 9 AM discusses Early Child Development in Northeast Ohio

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 01/24/2005 - 19:53.
01/25/2005 - 08:00

In anticipation of the 02.01.05 REI forum on Early Childhood Development, being held at the Natural History Museum in University Circle, WCPN is featuring the topic on their 90.3 at 9 radio broadcast on 01.25.05 - tune in and get up to speed on this most critical issue for our community... and visit the NEO Childhood Community Of Interest Links for more insight!

From the WCPN Website:

Some say when
it comes to talking about northeast Ohio's economic future, not
enough attention is given to the well-being of our kids. The Center
for Regional Economic Issues at Case Western Reserve University
is hosting a series of conversations looking at the role of our
youngest citizens in spurring economic development in our region.
Join us as we discuss the correlation of healthy kids and a healthy
economy, and how you can be Making
, on the next 90.3 at 9.


90.3 FM - live radio broadcast

Norm Roulet prompted Early Childhood discussion in 2004

I joined this site in 2004 because I had met Norm Roulet and he was encouraging a real connected educator network here in Northeast Ohio.  He was active in addressing the legacy of lead-poisoning and the toxic environment we have allowed to mushroom out-of-control here.   It is so sad to me that despite progress in communication through web-based media like REALNEO, we still have made no progress in improving educational outcomes here.

If you follow the highlighted points in Norm's post above - you will find dead links - a very real concern of mine as an archivist in terms of proving that  something actually happened.  Nonetheless, REALNEO is still an archive that is better than our so-called mainstream media.  We have a history of making real change here. It deserves to be preserved.  


Monday, October 19, 2015 at 6:00 pm

How do you build a brain? And how do a child's first 2000 days determine intelligence, health, wealth and happiness, long-term?  These are the questions guiding the next year of Cleveland Connects, a forum series sponsored by PNC Bank and presented by ideastream, Northeast Ohio Media Group and the Plain Dealer Publishing Company.  Join us Monday, October 19th for Cleveland Connects: The First 2000 Days, as the CEO of The Fred Rogers Co., Bill Isler, gives the keynote speech on the importance of early brain development, and Mike McIntyre, host of The Sound of Ideas, leads a panel discussion on how preschool can help that development along. This event kicks off a year of coverage on cleveland.com, in the Plain Dealer, and on 90.3 WCPN and WVIZ/PBS ideastream, exploring the science, best practices and economics of early childhood education.

Cleveland Connects - The First 2,000 Days: Click Here to Register 


Two boys, a gun, and a hero: Philip Morris



  "It's concerning, of course, that two more young African-American boys now have active cases in the juvenile justice system. That is one way that so many young lives are damaged before they have a chance to really begin. Once a boy is in the legal system, the promise of future success is substantially degraded. Addressing that reality remains an enormous challenge for families, communities and cities."  

WHY?  This story is full of holes.  Why should the boys receive a police record here? Why would the police not secure the homes of the "parents" and determine the owner of the gun - who should incur a criminal record for not securing the gun (as if it is legally registered).  


Do any of the "parents" have felony convictions?  Why is NEOMG glossing over this story to give it a feel good spin.  This is scary - and like the Willowdale shooting involving Lindsey Curry and Ortez Littlejohn- NEOMG will just drop this story and fail to connect the dots as it relates to the crime syndicate part of the story.