Cleveland Metropolitan School District collaborative with Passport and Art House

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Andy Warhol, Dollar Sign, 1981, © AWF

“Andy Warhol” Summer Intensive:
Printmaking and Photography
The Human Fund pARTy, Andy Warhol, and the All-City Visual Arts Atelier The Department of Arts Education is launching it’s All-City Visual Arts Atelier cohort. We are able to make this happen due to our on-going partnership with the Human Fund, our largest single external funder of the All-City Program, and the annual All-City Musical. This year, the Human Fund’s annual fund raiser gala, the pARTy, and silent auction, will be based on the art work of Andy Warhol. Selected and juried student art work will be included in the silent auction, with proceeds being returned to benefit the CMSD Department of Arts Education All-City programming.
This opportunity provides a wonderful launch for select students to be part of a 3 week summer intensive. This intensive is open to Cleveland / CMSD ONLY rising 10th or 11th graders that are highly motivated, responsible, dependable students with an already demonstrated strong aptitude for the Visual Arts, that can devote time over the summer and the first few weeks of the school year to creating top quality art work based on Andy Warhol. Students whose art work is accepted will receive artist tool kits / portfolios as compensation. Value of previous compensation has been in the range of $200 to $300.
These same students will also be our inaugural cohort of All-City Visual Arts Atelier students. The Atelier students will receive future intensives during the school year, as well as participating in All-City.

Saturday, July 21st, travel to Pittsburgh PA
  • 7:30am — Departure from ArtHouse 3119 Denison Ave (1 1/2 blocks west of W.25th (Pearl Rd.))
  • 10:00am — Arrive at the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art
  • 12:00pm — Lunch
  • 1:00pm — Arrive at The Andy Warhol Museum including hands on workshop for students and teachers
  • 4:30 - 5:00pm — Departure
  • 7:00 - 7:30pm — arrive Cleveland / ArtHouse
  • Summer Intensive
    Begins Tuesday, July 24th
    Tues. & Wed. = Printmaking
    3119 Denison Ave. (west of W.25th St.)

    Thurs. & Fri. = Photography
    Passport Project
    12801 Buckeye Rd.

    Ends — Friday, August 10th

    Student Art Work Silent Auction
    Human Fund Gala pARTy and Silent Auction
    October 13th, 2007

    Future All-City Visual Arts Atelier participation Once per grading period
    Weekend Intensives
    Various locations (Tri-C, CIA, ArtHouse, Passport Project, etc.)
    Exhibition as part of All-City year-end program


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    This is great! What I expect to see from arts organizations.  Collaborative efforts that build, not destroy.  I am encouraged by the synergy between CMSD and non-profits.  Identifying larger campuses that link to these art centers to include the schools, libraries, daycares, recreational opportunities.... Thinking STARs Norm!  Why can't everyone think STARs???

    A big thank you goes out to Passport Project.  Chole and the gang blew away our summer reading club participants at Brooklyn Branch with a phenomenal drum circle, capoeira demonstration and the Brazilian music of Cacau Arcoverde. The kids (and their parents) are still talking about it. I get... "When are they coming back?"


    This looks to be a great event and I feel its a shame it conflicts with my imminent interactive Ingenuity exhibit and festival greening effort to be curated most prolifically on this very Saturday. Evelyn, Norm and I paid a wonderful visit to the Warhol exhibit earlier this year en route to acquisition of Red, my vintage 1985 VW Scirrocco of that fiery hue.  We capped off that memorable voyage with a stop at an infamous brewpub (to wet our whistles) situated within a gorgeous and great antiquated antique Church.

    I hope those embarking on this journey have a jolly good time ~


    That's OK Sudhir--you're too old!
    This intensive is open to Cleveland / CMSD ONLY rising 10th or 11th graders that are highly motivated, responsible, dependable students with an already demonstrated strong aptitude for the Visual Arts, that can devote time over the summer and the first few weeks of the school year to creating top quality art work based on Andy Warhol.

    We have our tickets to Ingenuity.  Hope to run into some RealNEO there!

    Thanks ... a tid bit of clarification ...

    Thanks for helping to get the word out about this project totally conceived of by the Department of Arts Education of the Cleveland METROPOLITAN School District, with financially backing and opportunity / opportune mutual purposes of the Human Funds annual gala and silent auction, the pARTy.  (At it's most reent Board meeting, the board granted the CEO, Dr. Eugene Sanders, request to change the Districts name to METROPOLITAN.  A very new change, and one that hasn't filtered out very far just yet.)

    ...  and thank you for making this clear that this is a summer intensive for CMSD 10th and 11th graders only.  Even though it would be big fun having Sidhar there.  ;o)

         The CMSD Department of Arts Education has just completed its 8th year of ALL-City.  All-City has been primarily, but not exclusively, performance arts oriented.  The idea of expanding All-City ensembles and student focused groups to specifically service Visual Arts students has been a much-desired option for the last 2 years.  The Human Fund had / has a specific need for their gala this coming October, and with their support, The All-City Visual Arts Atelier was able tocapitalize on that need to launch the All-City Visual Arts Atelier with H.F.'s support.

         ArtHouse and Passport Project, have a long history with the Department of Arts Education, thus the call was made by the Department of Arts Education to these two wonderful arts organizations contracting them to be the providers of training for the selected students in this summer's intensive.  The Department of Arts Ed came up with the idea, and hired the two organizations.  So collaboration between the two is not quiet the inception of this project.

         How did you come across the information about the "October with Andy" Summer Intensive?  Again, thanks for sharing.

    RSS Feeds

    Thanks KMaCK for being a part of this wonderful, and I mean wonderful project.  I wish I had known about it sooner, because next year I will send some BIG talents your way.  I found out about it from Passport Project's website, which features an RSS feed option.  Just showing off now!  I have the RSS feed on my toolbar!!  The kids keep me so au courant!

    Trail of the Human Presence

    We drove yesterday to Buffalo for the Francis Bacon show at the Albright-Knox Gallery.  I hate to drive, but it was worth it for a day beyond comparison.  The show is fabulous.  I came away with this quote from Bacon " I would like my pictures to look as if a human being passed between them, like a snail leaving a trail of the human presence and memory trace of past events, as the snail leaves its slime."
    The show generated many ideas for my own neighborhood and how the "new" Denison school should reach out to the neighborhood and its past and future.  I hope that I get a chance, KMack to present the ideas that morphed out of this visit to the Albright-Knox.  I want Art House to be part of a larger effort to generate creative interactions and an energy that revitalizes this neighborhood.  Last night in Buffalo, I saw a neighborhood that envelops and embraces the Albright-Knox.  We can have the same energy here.
    Francis Bacon may be dead, but he has left a slime trail :)

    Sounds cool!

    Good to see these organizations working together!

    Cleveland Atelier! Kick off at the Warhol.

    Saturday was a great day for the trip to Pittsburgh. Gorgeous weather and a fabulous bus driver made the two hour drive seem so much shorter.

    The students on the trip were top-notch, bright kids, and just drank everything in. One of the girls confided in me that this was her first trip outside of Cleveland.      Ever. 

    The installations at the Mattress Factory were our first stop, and to my surprise, they all "got it". Conceptual art is often difficult for many people to understand, let alone appreciate or, even in some cases, tolerate. As we explored the buildings, walking from room to room, you could hear them talking together, "This is sooo cool." " Wow! Look over here!" "How did they do that?" Never once did I hear, "I don't get it" or "Why would they call this art?"

    The seven floors of the Warhol Museum kept us busy for hours. Each one wandering off on our own. As a teacher, it was so very gratifying to walk into a gallery room and see our students not only looking at the art, but reading. As the veteran of 27 years of high school field trips, I am accustomed to teenagers dashing through museums, and then finding an out of the way spot to hang out with their friends until the adults finally round them up. This was such a completely different group of kids, mature, focused, interested. I can't even begin to express how impressed I was. By late afternoon, when it was time to leave, we had no trouble finding anyone, since they all were in the basement workshop, making art.

    Tuesday, the printmaking session of the summer intensive will begin at ArtHouse, and then on Thursday the students will begin working on photography at Passport Project. When the school year begins in August we will begin to grow the Atelier program with our current partners, and continue to explore opportunities to form new partnerships with other arts organizations throughout the city.

    Why worry about attracting creative new talent to our city? We have all the resources right here. We can simply grow our own . 

    Keep reporting

    It is great to hear a fresh voice.  Please keep reporting on our kids.  I am constantly amazed and encouraged by the young minds I encounter in my job.  More people need to realize that suburban blandness does not necessarily equate with success.


    Your field report from Pennsylvania is the antithesis of the gloom and doom depiction of Cleveland School students.               AND I BELIEVE IT.   


    Your simpatico understanding and confidence in your youth is infinitely powerful.  Your writing is powerful too. 


    Thanks for your dedication, I know you love it! 


    Your students are lucky…


    Best, Jeff

    CMSD and Social Networks

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I do love my work.

    You know it's funny, how many people look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them where I teach. Just yesterday I was speaking with a real estate agent, and when asked where I worked, of course I told her I taught high school in Cleveland. She gave me the most astonished look, a combination of horror, pity, and reverence, and said "Gee...that must be so tough." When I responded, "No, I love my job, it's fun" she looked so baffled, I had to add, "Every day is an adventure" .  She began to stutter, "B-b- but the kids..."  I interrupted before she could say anything ignorant, "Kids are kids. It's the adults in the system that give us all the grief in Cleveland."

    I have finally been teaching in Cleveland long enough to figure out how to be effective in a system that has become obsolete, unwieldy, and crushingly bureaucratic. The key is to develop social networks both inside and outside the system. Finding like-minded people in the system creates a hub of support, outside contacts bring new ideas. The outside contacts now have a cohesive group of people in the hub who are eager to engage in creative collaboration. The outside network also can channel new sources of funding.

    Karen Keys is a refreshing new addition to the CMSD administration. She understands the role social networks can play in breathing new life into an arts program struggling to survive.

    The next social networking step for the Cleveland Atelier is to create a communications vehicle that will enable the greater arts community to easily interact with the staff to generate fresh ideas and opportunities, and perhaps even offer students a public voice, but do it in a way that can be both dynamic and safe.   Any ideas?



    I'd like to work on that, and use Drupal

    This is a perfect fit with ideas I've discussed with Karen and others at CMSD and with the latest generation of Drupal tools. Let's get together to discuss this - I'll offer the Inner Circle for the meeting - who should be there and when do we want to meet?

    Disrupt IT

    Now, waiit a minute....


        Maybe Drupal is a solution or maybe something else is.   A CMS would be a good way to go though.

    Derek Arnold

    There are certainly...

    I have a special reverence for CMSD teachers (considering how many of them I drove mad...just kidding :-) ). You go, MaryBeth. I would say that the CMSD should have some sort of a Content Management System for interaction among its' teachers. It would be amazingly useful for teachers to trade tips and techniques. Student organizations could use it too. MaryBeth, how often to teachers in other buildings interact with each other. I was always curious about that. ________________________
    Derek Arnold


     Experience Corps just dropped by the library.  Experience the synergy.   I can't wait until I am 55, so I have the time to devote to such a worthwhile program.  I hope people take up the offer to join!

    Experience Corps is hosted in Cleveland by RSVP of Greater Cleveland, Inc. The program engages adults 55+ to help Cleveland public school students who are having trouble learning to read. Participants tutor elementary school students one-on-one and in small groups, helping them to develop fundamental literacy skills so they can succeed in school and in life.

    The mission of RSVP is to improve lives and strengthen the Greater Cleveland community through volunteerism and service. Volunteer tutors are trained prior to starting in the school and then throughout the school year by Experience Corps staff. The students in the program benefit not only from the one-on-one academic assistance, but also from the mentoring relationship that develops between themselves and the volunteers. The older adults benefit from this caring relationship and from being able to share their love of reading and wider life experiences with children in need.



    Thanks ... to all of you

    I think Mary Beth is one of the God/desses in our District !!!

    ... and contrary to so much that is wrong - and there is a LOT - there are a LOT of GREAT teachers AND GREAT kids.  They don't usually get the attention.

        Actually, CMSD has an electronic space for teachers to interact but it has been a VERY slow roll out process, mostly because the two TERRIFIC woman in charge of bringing it on line are trying to be careful and do it right   Another is the patchwork of mishmashed, outdated, mixed quality computers in the buildings.  And lastly getting the word out over and over and over again until people in the District start to know that it exists and to use it.  So something is in place.  Norm has been kind enough to volunteer to work with our 2 arts ed tech savvy (different 2) teachers who are suppose to be getting our own Arts Ed web site updated.  (It hasn't been updated in 2 years.)

        That's enough background stuff  ...  I just wanted to acknowledge all of you for being interested in our tiny baby, the All-City Arts Programin (A-CAP) Visual Arts Atelier. 

        MaryBeth keeps me honest by kickin' my butt.  McShane - do stay in touch with Mary Beth and I.


    We saw the dollar sign !!!

    BY THE WAY  ...  We saw the dollar $ in Pittsburgh.  AT least 2 versions of it.  So cool ...  You were there with us in spirit.