Bread and Puppet Theater

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Bread and Puppet Theater here at Coventry Schoolyard during their last visit to Cleveland.

The Sourdough Philosophy Circus is about the need for human fermentation. Human fermentation concerns those parts of the body that are not governed by the government like the guts and the gutsy parts of the brain. This also applies to dancing zebras and turkeys and free range cows. The show is run by a bunch of cooks, specialists in cooking the various stews and pancakes of our everyday first world existence. Additional commentary is provided by the Rotten Idea Theater Company. Music by the Sourdough Philosophy Brass Band.

Sponsored by Northeast Ohio Anti-War Coalition and Cleveland Food Not Bombs.

This company is awesome. Bring the kids and don't miss it! Free of charge, but donations are welcomed. Also for sale, freshly baked bread (baked in a handbuilt brick oven) from a 150 year old sourdough starter (it's delicious) and cheap art.


Learn more about the company:


Coventry Schoolyard
Coventry Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
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