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Dear BCCA Members:

Just a reminder that our next meeting will be coming up Thursday, April 22, at 6:30pm at the Brooklyn Memorial United Methodist Church. We look forward to seeing you there!

As a follow up from our last meeting on March 25, here are some notes for those who were unable to join us.

Code Enforcement Activity

Deb Zeleny provided members an update on ongoing housing code enforcement activities. Specifically, there was discussion around the permit requests for the proposed strip-mining operation on Skylane Drive. Those seeking this permit are looking to conduct such activity over an 8.5 acre area that is bordered on 3 sides by residential areas and is adjacent to 2 natural streams. Further, it was noted that this location is a former land-fill with a past of EPA issues. No additional updates have come across regarding a public meeting or status of such requests; however, a number of letters and responses have been submitted in opposition to this request for strip-mining.

Robert Wakut, Jr., of Lovellee’s Pizzeria provided members a presentation of development activities at this business, including those to remedy outstanding building code issues. Currently Lovellee’s is awaiting the donation of paver bricks from the Fulton Road bridge project in order to complete the paving of their parking lot. Robert also responded to concerns about ongoing gaming and entertainment activities at Lovellee’s and the issue of seeking an entertainment variance. It was requested by a member that Robert return with a business plan and further progress updates before the organization supports any variance.

Nicholas Dionisopoulos attended the meeting, per the request/urging/requirement

of Cleveland Housing Court. Nick owns over 50 properties, a number of which are in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood. Of specific note is a condemned property located east of West 25th / Pearl Road. This property has been significantly neglected and members agreed that it is detrimental to the health and welfare of neighbors.

Wirth House

The membership continued the ongoing, multi-year discussion of the Wirth House property at 3119 Denison Avenue. As it stands currently, a proposal has been submitted to the City of Cleveland by the BCCA and the American Indian Education Center to take over the two properties in question, and rehabilitate the structures for organizational programs and activities. Despite the evolution of this discussion and the end result nominally agreed upon, there exists serious concern on behalf of the BCCA that this effort can be carried forward without significant assistance and support. Of mention was not only the time and energy to coordinate such rehab activities without a full time staff member, but also the fact that the BCCA has never held real property and would be obligated to engage in a five-year contract with the City while currently undergoing a change in leadership. Many feel this would cause our organization difficulty and even restructuring to accommodate the project, both of which are unwanted effects. It was further mentioned that the overwhelming number of individuals involved in saving this structure should be committing to an active role in its rehabilitation. It is anticipated that a follow-up Section 106 review will be scheduled to discuss.


Old Brooklyn Community Development Corp. is holding a 5k Walk/Run on June 13th to commemorate the opening of the Fulton Road Bridge. The OBCDC is requesting participants, volunteers, and any information or images of the old bridge. Additional details to follow. For more information, contact Lori Peterson at 459-1000, or via email at lorip [at] oldbrooklyn [dot] com.

See you on the 22nd!

Below is a note from Deb Zeleny regarding some information we just sent out in the "Announcements" part of our last message:

Attention BCCA members

Regarding the Announcements (below) section of this notice, this is not a rehab and repair scam but a flyer \ postcard being mailed to owners with what public records indicate are under code violation. This is an attorney who is attempting to solict business for himself. It is not illegal to do this --it is, however, an attempt to get some legal business by using the research he has done. Residents have called and brought me the postcards to warn the other residents. This comes under the name of Andrew A. Meyer (andrewmeyer [at] gmail [dot] com).

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