CAAO Member Starts Bicycle Club

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It’s finally time to get out and ride your bicycles as the CAAO High Rollers group!

The first meeting and ride will be on SATURDAY, June 17, 2006 at 5:00 P.M. Meet your CAAO members! Connect with old friends and meet new cycling friends! Include your spouse or friends / relatives in our group. Bring your ride ideas!! You can introduce the group to your own favorite ride!

Location: North Chagrin Reservation (STRAWBERRY Picnic Area)

Everyone can bring snacks or drinks to share with the group.


PLAN TO MEET AT LEAST 15 MINUTES AHEAD OF TIME, WE WILL LEAVE ON TIME. We’ll need a couple of minutes to talk before we leave.

WEAR A HELMET. It’s a no brainer!

CARRY AN I.D. Change for the phone and a cell phone are good ideas too!

BRING WATER, AN EXTRA TUBE, A PATCH KIT, TIRE LEVERS & A PUMP OR INFLATION DEVICE. Be ready to take care of minor emergencies on the road and you’ll feel more confident to conquer new roads.

WEAR BRIGHTLY COLORED CLOTHING SO THAT YOU CAN BE SEEN ON THE ROAD. Drivers will give you a lot more room if they can see you well ahead of time. Dress for the weather and dress in layers. It is strongly suggested that you purchase a good pair of bicycle shorts or two!

CHECK YOUR TIRES AHEAD OF TIME FOR PROPER INFLATION. Tires inflated to the correct pressure (it’s the PSI number on the side of your tire wall) will ride easier and be more resistant to cuts and wear.

MAKE SURE YOUR BIKE IS IN GOOD CONDITION FOR A RIDE. Checking nuts and bolts, cleaning and lubrication the working parts on your bike, and having minor problems fixed will ensure a good ride!

CANCELLATION POLICY: Rides cancelled due to weather or other causes, members will be notified as early as possible. Members who email a RSVP to me with their phone number or other directions for reaching them in case of cancellation will be contacted as early as possible about the ride cancellations.

Email Darlene Willis at Eagletrip [at] ameritech [dot] net to receive your release form and answer any questions you may have.


Location: North Chagrin Reservation (STRAWBERRY Picnic Area) OH
United States
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