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Carolyn Strauss of slowLab speaks at the Talalay lecture series.

Don't think "silver bullet" or "big" in the ways you have been. Ah... the shrapnel of social and natural capitalism... it's more like a mushroom colony... Here's one of my favorite projects - Min Tanaka Body Weather Farm (reminds me of Ted Shawn at Jacob's Pillow).

Here's a preview:

slowLab is an emerging organization based in New York City and with activities worldwide.

The mission of the organization is to promote 'slowness' or what we call 'slow design' as a positive catalyst of individual, socio-cultural and environmental well-being, engaging the innate creative capacities of individuals and leveraging the collaborative potential of communities to spur networks of cooperation that incite new thinking and approaches.

To achieve this, slowLab has initiated and is growing a network of creative, civic-minded individuals from all areas of the general public to exchange ideas and resources, share knowledge and cooperatively develop projects that positively impact the lives of individuals, the communities they participate in and the planet that we share.

slowLab’s current and future programs include public lectures, discussions and exhibitions, a dynamic online project observatory and communication portal, academic programs and publishing projects. Our objective is to reach a wide spectrum of disciplines and communities, enabling slowLab's more holistic approach to take root and grow among the national and international public.

slowLab was inspired by the global 'slow' movements which serve to balance the demands of the fast-paced world on our bodies, our cities, and the cultural fabric.

If you miss it check out who they recommend. Many familiar links for realneo readers.

$8 MOCA members/$10 non-MOCA members/$5 students

for tickets dial 216.421.8671 x21 and speak to Andrea at MOCA


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