Happy Thanksgiving - Efficient Food Distribution ?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 11/24/2011 - 12:31.


Each of the glass doors open to food – eggs, milk, pizzas, etc, shelved on  7 foot high metal racks on casters.   All the food ladden racks are rolled from the food “fabricator” into refrigerated delivery trailers and then into the large refrigerated showcases (image above) without the handling of any individual food package.    Looking around BJ’s you won’t see many employees.  
Do you find this space aesthetically sterile?  Or is it attractive white-modern efficiency? 
Contrast this type of “no- touch” distribution with Trader Joe’s.  At the Traders every carton of eggs is handled individually by the store staff – who stack the egg cartons into the reach in coolers.    Looking around Trader Joes you will see many, many helpfull, cheerful, employees.   You are paying those employees' salary.
There is a totally different vibe at each store.   There is also a totally different physical store lot size and location in the business plan of Trader Joes and BJ’s.  Urban zoning permits control.
Which do you like?
Or is it milk at BJ's and a Guacamole Kit from Jose's?
What's next in food distribution?  
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