CDC monies-Citizen Participation 2011-2016

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Voice your comments and suggestions on improving Cleveland's neighborhoods with Community Development Block Grant Funds, Federal HOME, Emergency grant, Neighborhood Stabilization and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS.


Lutheran Hospital Learning Center
West 28th St. and Franklin
Cleveland, OH 44113
United States
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YOU are being used as a QUOTA-will you speak up?

On the West Side alone-the Not For Profit world is a $2 Billion annual industry... which is dependent on QUOTAS of NEED...

Do you really know what a formal "MASTER PLAN" is and how it affects your life and long term future? 

Do you have any clue about how these entities are collaborating without your public input and using these type of forums to rush through Billions of dollars in planning, collaboration, and public interest issues and getting away with decimating the public at large by abusing their rights to transparency?

Amidst an everchanging world-without your public input--these type of forums are the ones that will radically change the future of Cleveland, Ohio and your public leaders don't want you to be informed about the truth of their plans...

Mark Your Calendars, Prepare your Inciteful input on letter format and submit it to these alleged planners...Keep it REAL for the PEOPLE who cannot speak up or who are too afraid to participate for fear of retaliation through CODE ENFORCEMENT, Deprivation of services, and other abusive practices.




WE must collectively join together to fight the regime that truly has become criminal in their actions with our Federal Tax Dollar trickle down grants that keep them in overpaid Administrative Jobs...

Will you attend a public meeting that determines your fate?

Please make time to attend these public meetings.... Give feedback, take your opinions in writing, and submit them for review... Do not allow them to continue violating public participation by failing to have these forums within the neighborhoods and in ways that are inclusive to the countless citizens who have been stonewalled, steered out, and violated by abusive practices.