Cleveland International Film Festival

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Don't give up, yet...A few more weeks, and Cleveland can celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and then we are home clear once the film festival starts!  The winter of 2008-09 is almost, almost, almost over...  

Find a sunny, south-facing wall and hold on.  We will all be okay!


Film Fest, manana

Thanks for posting this, Laura - I look forward to attending, especially for the green-themed pieces - It looks like a team from Oberlin will have a fun film that breaks down the great work going on over there.. great groups like Green Triangle Project, Full Circle Fuels and City Fresh - all represented, gave an interesting talk and previewed clips of their upcoming feature at the Great Lakes Brewery. I also had a great talk there with Dan Conway on many of the exciting initiatives developing on the local foods front - he was kind enough to buy my colleague Vernon and I brews to kick off our evening. A great time was had by all - do try their new Grassroots Ale if you get the chance .. delish!

Local Food event draws 400

Green City Blue Lake posted this article. How do 400 people translate into action?

Read the PREAMBLE here.

Evelyn is covering the Film Festival?!  Cool :)  Perhaps, she can interview some folks for a REALNEO film?

please report

I'll be away the entire time - please report especially on these films: It's Easy Being Green