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Intel Corporation has recently designated Cleveland as one of its top three
"Worldwide Digital Communities". Beyond accolades, this award and its
resultant opportunities will play an important role in our region. Throughout
the 2005-2006 season Community of Minds will highlight people and
organizations that are actually transforming Cleveland -- instead of just
talking about it. The OneCleveland/Digital City initiative means more than
just WiFi -- it truly can become a transformational force/moment in the
regional economy.

Guest Speakers:
We are pleased to present two guest speakers on October 11th:

Scot Rourke. President, OneCleveland
Lev Gonick. Vice President for Information Technology Services, Case Western
Reserve University

Scot and Lev are at the epicenter of this new Cleveland. Come hear their
thoughts directly, join the discussion and get questions answered.


1890 At The Arcade. 1890 is located in the Hyatt Regency Cleveland At The Arcade, 420 Superior Avenue.
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gonna podcast it? I will mis

gonna podcast it? I will miss this by a few days.