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In 1813 Cuyahoga County formed a government.  In 2009 the citizens decided to change it. And there is still a lot we need to discuss about it.

Forming the old structure probably didn’t include many ordinary citizens. Now the goal is different—get as much citizen input as possible.

That’s why there are public forums and why they are so important.

Because this time you can make a difference.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

6 p.m. start—arrive as soon as you can

Beck Center for the Arts

17801 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood 44107

Workgroup presentations will be made by:

County Government Collaboration

and Information Technology

Make a difference…

take part in the transition process.




DATE             LOCATION              TIME


7/31/10         Corporate College East                        10 a.m.

                     Workgroup presentations:

·        Charter Transition Advisory Group

·        Finance & Administration


8/10/10         To be announced                               10 a.m.


8/19/10         Westlake Porter Public Library               10 a.m.

Workgroup presentations:

·        Economic Development

·        Human Capital & Quality Places


8/26/10         To be announced                               6 p.m.


9/13/10         Cleveland Public Library, Downtown      4 p.m.

(Stokes Auditorium


For more Cuyahoga County Charter Transition information, including Public Forum details, visit:


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I'm voting bright green

I'm voting bright green, and pity any candidate that goes against that.

Disrupt IT

Voting GREEN?

We will have to see what that entails. 

I posted this information because it was sent to me.  I have no intention of attending these meetings.  I don't have the time or energy to believe another lie.

Forming the old structure probably didn’t include many ordinary citizens.