Democratic Fundraiser-Tonight

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X. Scotch?? This coming Sunday, March 27, 2011 the CC Democratic Party is having their annual fundraiser. They are planning on 'honoring' SS Edmund Fitz! aka PO#14... Marcia Fudge and Dennis Kucincih are their 'guest of honors'...
Wonder if Frank Speedo Russo aka PO#2, Jimmie Gimmie SomeMora aka PO#1, Pat Coyne aka PO#17, Bridget McCafferty aka PO#4 and Bill Mason will be in attendence?????
Please note: This years 'festivities' will NOT be at the usual location of Landerhaven but shall be at the Inter-Continental Hotel--can't imagine WHY can you?!
This should be some interesting shingdig?
My only question is, wondering how many special agents will be in attendence...

Jar, GM. As always, your points are most valid and most pertinent. I can NOT fathom HOW Cindy Calabresse Bialowas has been ALLOWED to stay on in her waaaaaaaaaaaaay OVERPAID (OVER 100,K a year + insurance + benefits + and lotsssssssssssss of PERKS-well, at previously had lots of and as you most ACCURATELY pointed out waaaaaaaaaaaay UNDERQUALIFIED 'job' that we, the hardworking taxpayers have been picking up the freight on for OVER 20 years.
MOREVER, WHY was Cindy Calabresse Bialowas NOT FIRED and ESCORTED out of the building IF not CORRECTLY when Frank Speedo Russo made his plea deal and stepped down. OR for sure when this past November 2010 he FINALLY agreed to 'assist' the feds in the hopes to cut down the time of his sentence.
I KNOW that Frank cut his deal with the feds for them NOT to pursue any further charges against his son Vince, and to leave the rest of his family alone, leave his 'housemate' Mikey (Cindy's brother) alone, and supposedly NOT (at least at THAT point) have to testify against his BFF Jimmie Gimmie SomeMora. {I DON'T know IF that STILL remains in effect with Dimora now that he wants to 'assist' the feds in the hopes to cut down his sentence} However, does that 'deal' that Speedo brokered with the feds ALSO include (apparently it does) protecting Cindy Calabresse Bialowas too??
Inasmuch as Speedo did acknowledge a few details when he took the stand in his BFF Bridget M. McCafferty's case, in my opinion, it was ONLY a token. There is MUCH that he can reveal about years of corruption. In relation/comparison to the over 2 decades, that wasn't even a dent in what he COULD/SHOULD reveal to the feds, most especially IF he wants them to cut him any slack.
btw, 584-20-016. Jar, hope you someday see some much deserved justice-sooner than later. RICO.

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