Food Cooperatives: Why Have Them and How to Start

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DESCRIPTION: A Food Co-op is a cooperative of people who come together to buy food, in order to benefit from lower bulk and wholesale prices. They usually specialize in health and organic food and are run democratically with each member having an equal voice to decide overall management of the sotre which is open to the public. Food Co-ops are alternatives to large chain grocery stores both in their management and often in the offerings of food and, thus, represent a local way citizens can control their own food decisions. Sponsored by the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee.

Speaker: William Coughlan. Cooperative activist for 35 years. Author of "Going Co-Op". Consultant for Cleveland Natural Food Coop. Has worked on and written about food, housing, and employment cooperatives. Has lived around the world and is familiar with the cooperative model in other countries.


For more information on food co-ops, CSAs, and buying clubs, see: "This is What Democracy [in Ohio] Looks Like"


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