West Creek Greenway and Trail Project - Public Meetings

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West Creek Greenway and Trail Project - Public Meetings

The West Creek Preservation Committee, in partnership with the Cleveland Metroparks and the consulting firm Floyd Browne Group, will be hosting a final set of public meetings this August regarding the potential development of the West Creek Greenway and Trail System, which would link Cleveland Metroparks West Creek Reservation to the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail, Cuyahoga Valley National Park and other parks and points of interest.

These meetings are being conducted as part of a Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative grant, which was awarded by the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), in order to solicit public input regarding the proposed greenway trail system.

The previous meetings held earlier this summer provided WCPC and Floyd Browne Group with great insight, suggestions, and other ideas, and we would now like to present the revised trail alignment proposal.

Each meeting will present the entire proposed West Creek Greenway Plan. The first meeting will be held August 2, 2007 from 7-9 PM at the Seven Hills Rec. Center, located at 7777 Summitview. The second meeting will be held August 9, 2007 from 7-9 PM at the Brooklyn Heights Community Center located at 233 Tuxedo Avenue.

Light refreshments will be served at all meetings. For more information or directions, please contact the West Creek Preservation Committee at 216-749-3720.


Seven Hills Rec Center
7777 Summitview
Seven Hills, OH
United States
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Help us out

I worked the Seven Hills Home Days event last night and was gratified to see so many people interested in preserving green space.  Please attend one or both of these meetings, if you would like to see the possiblities.  There are several large scale maps (17-18) that show various trail alignments.  I contemplated loading them to this site, but realistically it's too much information.  So please come and make your ideas heard.  The bottom line--we are a group of individuals who want to make it possible for ANYONE to visit a park without using their CAR.  Ride your bike or walk to NATURE.  It can be done.  (For anyone who cares to know--I took the 35 bus with my bike to the event--on the way back I caught the 35 again, and found another bike loaded on the rack at 10 p.m. at night--the fellow rider was checking out the RTA bus line map--cool--what a great way to see the city).