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GARY SPINOSA: THROUGH FORESTS OF SYMBOLS presents a selection of the mixed media sculptures, six created for this exhibition, of Gary Spinosa, a 1972 Cleveland Institute of Art alumnus and recipient of a 1986 MFA from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. The opening celebrates a homecoming for Spinosa whose work has not been seen in Cleveland since the early 1980s. The sculptures, from grand constructions twelve feet high to hand sized "stones," are imbued with deep spirituality and stillness, a sometimes disquieting mystery, and an evocation of inexplicable forces and narratives. Spinosa has perfected an array of astonishing fabrication techniques using common and porcelain clay, wood, fabric, and paint that defy conventional explanations and transforms such unlikely commonplace materials as shotgun shell casings, tin cans, toy bells, plumbing parts, and plastic electrical insulators into wondrous works of art. His virtuosic finishes make it nearly impossible to determine by sight alone the actual composition of a sculpture. This exhibition, part of the Cleveland Institute of Art's 125th Anniversary Celebration, opens simultaneously with From Here to Infinity at the Reinberger Gallery and The Big Bang at SPACES.

6:30 PM Main Gallery Talk with Gary Spinosa and sculptor Virgil Villers

The catalogue, Gary Spinosa: Philosopher's Stone (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania: Bruce Gallery Press, 2007) will be available for sale.

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The Sculpture Center is located at 1834 East 123rd Street in University Circle and Little Italy, beside Lake View Cemetery.  Parking is available in the lot in front of The Sculpture Center and on East 123rd Street. Through the generosity of The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland, additional parking is available in their lot on the north side of Euclid Avenue at 12201 Euclid Avenue.



The Sculpture Center
1834 East 123rd Street in University Circle and Little Italy beside Lake View Cemetery
United States
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 Gary Spinosa, as the name implies, is a mystic.  Explore. See the world around you and around the Scuplture Center.  The Inner Circle is a stone's throw away. 

Scintillating Spiritualist Sculptor

I am impressed with these wondrous works and this mysterious mystic's media.  I'll certainly try to trek down to UC for this tantalizing treat prior to a fantabulous festive socially-conscious soiree we know and love as Green Drinks - this month's meeting is at the cozy confines of the Greenville Inn, nestled in a nifty nook of Chagrin Falls.  Get there before nine tonight and catch Cleveland's reggae revolutionary Carlos Jones gratis - five bones thereafter...