Gather 'Round Farm market

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The folks who plant, water, and weed will offer freshly picked vegetables, herbs, eggs, and flowers every Sunday from 3:00 to 5:00 at the permaculture gardens of Gather 'Round at 3919 Lorain Ave. This will begin Sunday 8/2/09 and will go into September.

For more information, please visit


Gather 'Round
3919 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
United States


and thanks for getting this going - we will certainly be there with our boys!

your welcome

look forward to it! Can you help me make this a reoccurring Sunday event on the realneo calendar for August? I could not figure out out to do that. thanks.


you are sO not asking a geek girl....


Not to side track everyone,

But with Debra's help, the Old South Side Community Coalition is pitching in to help sponsor an Old Fashioned Cake Walk at the Doubting Thomas Art Gallery on August 2, 2009, at 2:00pm.  The proceeds will go to the Jefferson fire victims.  Soooooooo, if you would like to help out and you think you can show up Betty Crocker, dig out the pots and pans and bake a cake. 

Tell all your friends so that they can come and try to win your pretty tasty cake.  Down in the hills, at the church socials, the young gents would come and try to win the cake baked by the sweet thing he had his eye on.  Didn't matter how it tasted, the cake that is.

Well, I can assure you that if you come, you won't have to worry about taste, because I happen to know that there are going to be some really good bakers with busy hands donating confectionous mouth watering delights. 

Come on out folks for as I'm told, there will be many other fun things going on as well - Don't forget, August 2, 2009. - 2:00pm, at the Doubting Thomas Art Gallery.



Confectious mouthwatering DELIGHTS!

  OMG...this is the best retro idea, ever...Who doesn't love CAKE ?:)  I'll be there!

All i could think about

 was this amazing pink cake I won at a cake walk when i was like 6 years old! I was SO excited!

Thank you for posting this, jerleen, we're getting the boys this weekend and my mind is totally elsewhere! I'll be posting the info for the calendar on Monday.

Nice.... A Cake Walk, huh?

Where did you ever get an idea like that? That's amazing! 

 Cake Walks back in the day

 Cake Walks back in the day were common at church socials and festivals, etc., down in the hills.   The were synonomous with box suppers.  You know all the young ladies would  cook up a meal and put it in a box, wrap them up, tie them with with a pretty bow, all the young men (husbands) would sneak around and try to find out which box belonged to their wife or favorite girl and then they would bid on the box at at  auction - the winner would then get to share the meal with the lady who prepared that box.  Cake walks worked the same way and all I know is that Debra ask if the  OSS would like to participate in the fundraiser for the fire victims and I started thinking of how to do something out of the ordinary and an old fashioned cake walk came to mind - and just about the same time, Debra sent me an e-mail and said how about a cake walk - then we knew - a "cake walk" it had to be.  You know what they say, "great minds think alike."

Also back in the day, most of the time there would be a blue ribbon for the prettiest cake.   Since you all know, I'm from the hills and, I'm baking a cake. 

I wish we could get more things lile that going on.  I'd like to see things like quilting bees come back.  They have the farmer's market, how about having contest for the best homemade jam and pickles. 


Ms. Arielle Banazak - wife of the Homostupids

 I think she was the one who thought of it.... I don't think it was me - it was during one of our long phone conversations I know that!

We will also have local musicians - her husband Josh Banazak performing as Long John Denver, my husband Bill Weita, Brian Straw - who has the most fantastic bass voice and Corissa Bragg.

We have organized an art auction (no minimum) with a wide array of artists. I'm putting in 3 pieces from my new collection of nudes. Teri Gerrard promised us a piece.

and we will have hot dog plates for $5/donation, meat/vegie option, coleslaw and beans.

all money collected will go to the families (all renters so they had no insurance) that lost everything in the Tremont fire/explosion on June 16th. The event is Sunday August 2nd from 2-6pm (art auction closes at 6) and the cakewalk at 2pm, music on the hour.

please remember all money is a donation so enjoy and be generous! (all items such as hotdogs, cakes and art are donated - no "proceeds" crap).

SO - I won't be making the first Gather 'round market the same day (3-5pm) BUT you bet I'll make the rest - I am sO glad they were able to get through all the rigamarole to do the market - Gather 'round Farm is the real deal when it comes to local - fresh - whole! Not only can you rest assured the food is grown with organics - you can know it is grown with LOVE! The people are great!