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Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation  District
Row for Water

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brecksville Community Center
One Community Center
Brecksville, OH 44141

7:00pm - 8:30pm
After 70 days alone at sea, 22 year-old Katie Spotz became the youngest person ever to row an ocean solo. No stranger to overcoming challenges, Katie has run across deserts, cycled across America, and she is the first person to swim the 325-mile Allegheny River. As part of the challenge,
Katie partnered with the Blue Planet Network to help a billion people gain access to safe drinking water for life. So far, Katie has raised over $100,000 for clean drinking water.  Please join us to hear her amazing story!
Cuyahoga SWCD will also be celebrating the completion of its Rain Barrel Art program.  Currently there are 27 painted rain barrels for auction until the end of September. Any painted barrels that have not been bid on will be available for auction at this event.
For further details and to view the barrels, visit www.cuyahogaswcd.org

Tickets: $20 (registration is required, cash or check accepted)
Call or email Amy Roskilly, Conservation Education Coordinator
216/524-6580, ext 22         
aroskilly [at] cuyahogaswcd [dot] org

Event proceeds will go towards water education programs!

Katie Spotz


Brecksville Community Center
One Community Drive
Brecksville, OH 44141
United States
Phone: 216/524-6580, ext 22
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Katie Spotz is amazing

Katie Spotz is amazing - my kind of local super athlete.

Nice to see you all working together - and welcome to realNEO... nice job posting!

We have 4-5 rainbarrels and my wife is painting them - we've certainly been educated about that here and it has paid off in our garden, which has been lush all Summer.

Disrupt IT

I'm sure that she has

I'm sure that she has undergo an swimming training for triathlete. Very nice project! I will support you all the way! Good Luck!