Labor and Industry extended to Tremont Art Walk October 12th

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10/12/2007 - 17:00
10/12/2007 - 21:00

Labor & Industry by photographer Roger Mastrionni will
continue into Tremont's next ArtWalk - Friday, October
12th 6 - 9 pm when we will again produce a visual and aural experience
that compliments the art show - filling the space with the stunning
cinematic  "silent movie" images of steel and Tremont from the award-winning
Deerhunter  splashed across a long white movie screen (rescued from the Mayfield
Cinema).  Mixing industrial-based sounds from the '80s and 90's with an
ecletic mix of soundtrack and melodies electronic and otherwise in the
background - branding the space - former Brown's Market. 

Bringing  new light and focus to these themes which will be further displayed at
the  Steelyard Heritage Center - also opening the dialogue on the current
state  of affairs of industry and particularly steel in Cleveland.

(posted for the show's curator: Dan Morgan and Ohio Canal Corridor)


Brown's Market
761 Starkweather few houses down from Lucky's Cafe
Cleveland, OH
United States
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