Meet CIA's Clay Design Gurus

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Please join Convivium33 Gallery and the Cleveland Institute of Art Ceramics' Department Icons/instructors, Judith Salomon and William Brouillard, as we meet, greet and share stories in an open forum Question& Answer reception.


1433 East 33rd St. 44114
Cleveland, OH
United States
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REALNEO Convivium header of the day

Convivium is a great looking space with cool external and interior lighting any time of day or night, that photographs well with or without great art and people... each time I've been there, it has been full of each. Today's header is from the closing reception for the great 30 years of CIA Ceramics show (larger image here), which I hope you had a chance to see (I'll write this up and share some more photos asap).

If you enjoy this, you will enjoy the header from my write up on their important Van Duzer exhibition there...

and these photos of the great Christopher Pekoc retrospective.


Alenka said that she had a great idea to share with you, but she wouldn't divulge it to me.  I hope you two finally met up--we were there earlier and must have just missed your family.  Douglas Max Utter had a fabulous write-up of this show in the Free Times.  I loved everything and was especially taken with the works of Yumiko Goto.  I know that she will not remain a secret for long.  Great teachers inspire great students.  These students came from far and wide to pay tribute to their mentors.  Bravo!