MoCA Short-Listed Firms Exhibition Opening Reception

Submitted by rob_d on Wed, 03/29/2006 - 12:09.
03/31/2006 - 17:00
03/31/2006 - 19:30

Portfolios for the six architecture firms short-listed for MoCA's new building at University Circle will be on exhibit at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative.

Opening Reception:
Friday, March 31; 5p – 7:30p
Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative
820 Prospect Ave., 2nd floor
Cleveland, OH 44115

Firms include:

  • Office dA
  • Reiser + Umemoto
  • SHoP
  • Studio MDA
  • Michael Maltzan
  • Foreign Office Architects.e Architects.
  • Location

    Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative
    820 Prospect Ave. 2nd floor
    Cleveland, OH
    United States

    Exciting Events Ahead For MOCA and Cleveland

    I was at MOCA Wednesday morning for a meeting. MOCA's Director, Jill Snyder and her staff seemed very excited about the reception Friday at the CUDC (Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative) and the public presentation and discussion at the PBL (Peter B. Lewis Building) on Sunday. In case you received the sightly ambiguous postcard and missed the point, this new home for MOCA is a great opportunity to bring great architecture to Cleveland and increase Cleveland's status in the art world. Jill Snyder is taking bold steps in making the process of selecting an architect uniquely open to the community. Be there this Friday and Sunday -- don't miss out!

    Cool event - look forward to seeing designs

    They had a full house for this event. And I had to ask a friend who works at CUDC who all the people are, because they looked artsy but not familiar. Turns out they are all the cool young architects in town. So there is a subculture of cool young architects... where do they hang out? CUDC really bring unique dynamics to the community.

    The same is certainly in plans for MOCA, even as plans are yet to be drawn. The architects under consideration look strong. It'll be fun to follow this project over the next few years...