Moto Gallery Show Opening and Madison Art Walk 6/13!!

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The Art of Lakewood Madison Art Walk is coming on June 13th in Lakewood.  Below is a list of shops that are involved. There are all sorts of shops, restaurants and Art Galleries that are on Madison.  I've heard there is a shop that is an Art Gallery/Motorbike shop in one!!!  Must have been some incredibly creative people to think that up...or stupid and impulsive...the jury is still out on that one.  All the way from Warren to Riverside Drive will be involved, a few shops before Warren will be involved as well.  It's a nice way to spend the day, get some exercise, and walk around a cool part of the Cleveland area!


Moto Gallery will be opening it's new show that day called Addicted.  It is art of different tattoo artists from around the area, featuring artists from Addicted Tattoo in Parma.  There will, as always, be a raffle and prizes, as well as food and drinks!!  Moto is open from 4PM - 9PM.  Make sure to check out Pop Shop and (Art)ificial across the street, and stop by Mullens for a drink!!!


There will be a raffle for tattoos and other gift certs!

Go to for a printable (and readable) map and list.

Go to to keep up with news and pictures.

Call 216.228.MOTO(6686) with any questions.


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