at the library

Submitted by Susan Miller on Mon, 01/14/2008 - 17:17.


I'm meeting some interesting folks at the library. Brooklyn Library

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Don't delete it

Oh--Susan, you confused us (common confusion) and  posted us as the Cuyahoga County Brooklyn Branch--not the Cleveland Public Library Brooklyn Branch...we need a name change...may I suggest the Brooklyn Centre Branch???  Remember, we are the cute, little branch with the BIG collection!  (and you picked on Jeff for his typos--we may drool, but we aren't broolyn branch :)


just showing how to post

I meant to delete this and plan to do it tomorrow, so I stand corrected, but basically I was just showing Steven how to inset a link. Tomorrow this and these comments will go away. Sorry. Boy, Internet Explorer is an odd configuration, isn't it? I was lost driving that laptop and that browser at the CPL in Broolyn Centre!

Smugmug and Blurb

  Sounds like a comic duo--but these are two intriguing websites I found described in this week's BusinessWeek, a magazine that I prefer to read in print format and, which can also be found at your local neighborhood branch.  Check it out. your photos in high definition your own book

I am curious to know how people compare these sites with similar offerings like Snapfish, Lulu?

Any experiences to share out there?