National Vacant Properties Conference in Cleveland OH 2010

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This conference is sponsored by the National Vacant Properties Campaign with its principal planning partner, Neighborhood Progress, Inc.

Help your community realize its potential by participating in the Reclaiming Vacant Properties conference!

This past year has proven that by working together, communities can overcome the immense challenges caused by vacant and abandoned properties. While waves of foreclosures and a strained economy have ravaged neighborhoods throughout the country, public agencies, private companies, and residents banded together to develop solutions to preserve their communities and make sure they would come back stronger than ever.

Join hundreds of your peers from communities from the Sunbelt to the Rustbelt, to learn about the policies, tools, and strategies to catalyze long-term, sustainable revitalization. Share your experiences and insights, and become a part of the only national network focused on building the knowledge, leadership, and momentum to reclaim vacant and abandoned properties to foster thriving neighborhoods.


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See above. I am either losing my mind or this conference has dropped Safeguard from their line of presenters/sponsors. 

When I first posted this event link, I put it here as a reminder of the Safeguard/Cleveland/foreclosure/opportunity scam network...I should have saved the original posted event listing.


Here's a reminder of why REALNEO matters...


I don't recall seeing this, sorry. Maybe, just maybe, someone realized all of the complaints regarding Safeguard Properties and their vendors- although doubtful.

no, lmcshane

You are not losing your mind. I saw what you are referring to and it raised my brow. The Safegaurd CEO has made the rounds in Cleveland. 

Safeguard Properties

So they were on the list and then removed?  Did someone finally realize that Safeguard Properties is not part of the 'solution.'

Safeguard Properties

From Complaint TV News:


Posted by laurapaas on 06/10/2010
In response to mucwrstlr174... Excuse me? Too personally? We're out 22K in building and construction equipment, and I'm taking things wayyyy too personally? And the analogy that you used for the house next door was that it was vacant, this house wasn't VACANT, they came in and took little things, then we hung the sign advising that the house was OCCUPIED and they proceeded to clean us out and change the locks! As for banks, I know how they work and I worked in the repo department for FirstMerit for several years, but the fact that the bike was there as well as the sign that said that we still lived there means that someone was misbehaving. We're in the fight with SG and it's agents for the long haul, and if someone loses their job because they're a THIEF, so be it. Neither of us were out of work, we didn't fall behind on our mortgage payments, we didn't cause any of this, and we're the ones paying the biggest price. 

Laura McShaneJun 10

Safeguard vendors...boy the chain of accountability is sure long and confusing...intentionally.

DisgruntledJun 9

I am a contractor for a safeguard vendor. I want everyone to know that we absolutely hate removing the stuff you leave behind. We don't want it. If it was up to us you would take every last thing you own with you. Cleaning your houses is often disgusting. However, mistakes are made by SAFEGUARD, not it's vendors. So any legitimate "theivery" has been comitted by safeguard itself, not us. Believe it or not I am on your side. I feel really bad for the people who lose their homes and I myself am not too fond of safeguard. Just stop blaming the contractors as we HATE cleaning up what people have left behind. Thus far I have not entered a home that wasn't obviously vacant, and the vendor I work for has certainly never taken a freggin dog. Sue safeguard all you want, in fact I will probably join ya!




Even this law firm is on to Safeguard Properties and its vendors:

We have been telling homeowners and borrowers that the lenders, servicers and "lock-out" companies have big problems communicating with one another during the foreclosure process.  Our suspicions seem to have been confirmed by what appears to be an American Banker article posted on Safeguard Properties' website with a title "Seizing the Wrong Home: Rare, But a PR Nightmare."  The following quote appeared in the article:  "'It's what you call a new weakness,' said Joe Bada, chief executive of Five Brothers Mortgage Co. Services and Securing Inc., a Warren, Mich., company that inspects and manages foreclosed properties for lenders. 'There's just so much happening at the same time. The means of communicating haven't been refined. Information is not moving fast enough from one department to the other.'"



Wrongful foreclosure attorney Carlin Phillips of Phillips & Garcia was recently interviewed by Lita Epstein, for AOL's Housing and he explained some of the terrible after-effects of the nation's foreclosure crisis - Homeowners who have been the innocent victims of the wrongful lockout and trash-out trend by large banks.

The term "trash-out" refers to the process that a bank follows when a property has been foreclosed to make the property more marketable after it's been taken by the bank. The growing problem during this foreclosure crisis had been that these trash-outs are occurring more and more frequently before the foreclosure has actually been properly completed, when the homeowner still has a right of redemption, or in the worst cases when the wrong home is trashed-out.

Considering only their bottom line, as large lending institutions most often do, they have automated the process and have been using contractors for trashing out. Documents are transferred and trash-outs are requested in a vacuum without sufficient consideration and detail to each individual case. Ironically, each case is as individual as cases get – there is little more personal than one’s home.

With Phillips’ input, Epstein rightfully drew the conclusion that to protect your home from a wrongful trash-out, you should post a notice on your doors that your home is not abandoned. Unfortunately, though, this highlights how far large lending institutions have dragged down our constitutional rights to be safe and protected in our own property. We suppose, though, that it is better to stick a notice in your door than to come home one day to find the entire insides of your home in a landfill as Chris Perry did.

Wrongful lockouts and trash-outs leave homeowners emotionally and financially drained. And, when dealing with large banks, homeowners often find that they can get no answers to solve their lockout problems. If you've been locked out of your home or your personal property has been "trashed-out" whether during foreclosure or by some other mistake of the bank, you have rights.

Big banks are taking full advantage of every right and wrong they have available to them, why shouldn’t you? If you have any questions, or have a story to share, contact Phillips & Garcia.



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Selling out for Silver Sponsors - classic unreal NEO

Disrupt IT

Carpetbagger Conference!! Investor $$ to be MADE!

Got my invite in the mail...Safeguard is listed as a platinum sponsor of this event--along with  U.S. EPA, Ford Foundation, and Smart Growth America...

The worst of the bunch is Neighborhood Progress Inc.

The worst of the bunch is Neighborhood Progress Inc.

Disrupt IT

Don't forget that NPI

Don't forget that NPI (Neighborhood Progress, Inc.) is a major funder of Tremont West Development Corp.  For the year of 2010, they anted up $100,000 and an additional $50,000 plus - they provide the funds for paying Sammy Catania's salary.

Cimperman allocated $140,000 for Tremont and there was an additional $70,000 from the City - to Tremont West.  Brian Cummins tossed in $100,000 for services in Ward 14.