Phil Pavarini Invites Earle B. Turner on a Bike Ride

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 Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts Candidate Phil Pavarini Invites Incumbent Earle B. Turner on a Bike Ride

Pavarini announces his invitation to incumbent candidate Earle B. Turner to join him for a bike ride from near Turner’s home to the Justice Center; a ride that Turner claims he makes often.

CLEVELAND, OH – Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts Candidate Phil Pavarini extends this public invitation to incumbent and rival candidate, Earle B. Turner to join him for a seven-mile bike ride on Saturday, October 29th from the Mill Creek Falls History Center 8404 Webb Ter., Cleveland, OH, near Turner’s home to the Justice Center in downtown Cleveland at 11:00 AM, rain or shine. 

The invitation is in response to an investigative report by The Cleveland Plain Dealer that asserted Turner rarely attended work. The initial report suggested he attended only 84 days in 2008 and examined parking records to make this determination. In response to the report, Turner was quoted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer as having said, “Swipes in the garage are not an indication of whether or not you are at work.” When asked about his attendance he gave an alternate reason he was not swiping into the parking garage. “I ride my bike,” he said, “I’m an avid cyclist.” 

Turner’s insistence that he rides his bike to work doesn’t answer many of the lingering questions about the lack of official records that document his attendance or work schedule. While regular attendance is not mandatory under Ohio Law, Pavarini questions how Turner can possibly be doing an adequate job as Clerk of Courts if the assertions are true. 

“If Mr. Turner is telling the truth about riding his bike to work and being an avid cyclist, I see no reason why he would not accept my invitation and take the opportunity to silence his critics,” says Pavarini. “I am looking forward to his response.”

Pavarini believes that work ethic and hard work are crucial parts of running an efficient, respectful, effective Clerk of Courts Office. Concerned citizens can review Pavarini’s 7 Steps for a Safer Cleveland and his detailed plan for his first 180 days in office at his website:

About Phil Pavarini, Jr.
Pavarini has over 10 years of experience working with the court system and the current Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts. Pavarini is a business owner, Private Investigator, licensed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, and a Surety Bail Bond Agent. A graduate of the United States Army Military Police Academy, Pavarini has also been active in the community as a previous member of the Tremont West Development Corporation Board of Directors and responsible for the re-initiation of neighborhoods safety committee., and



Mill Creek Falls History Center
8404 Webb Ter
Cleveland, OH
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