Press Release: Resume Writing Service Improves Benefits Package of Employees

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RESTON, Virginia--Recognizing the fact that its employees are its greatest asset, the executives of prime resume writing service ResumesPlanet.Com modified the benefits package being offered to its resume writers.

Here are the improved benefits that writers of resume and all other employees will have, while they are under the wings of ResumesPlanets.Com, which will take effect next month:

Education Assistance Scheme.
The resume writing service will now give financial aid to employees who will seek further studies in the form of a degree—master’s and even doctoral—at any educational institution duly recognized by the American government; a professional designation or title, and/or credentials and documentations that will directly help the career development of a particular employee of ResumesPlanet.Com.

Life Insurance. ResumesPlanet.Com tied up with a leading provider of retail financial products and fund management to give its resume writers protection and long-term savings such as:

• Protection for the family if he or she experiences emotional and/or financial difficulties should critical illness or death strikes without warning. ResumesPlanet.Com and the life insurance company will help the writers of resume to map out their financial techniques with products or services that will make sure he/she and his/her loved ones will be taken cared of and protected when the need arises.

• Group life as well as employee benefits, so that the workers of the leading resume writing service know that their financial woes are sufficiently attended to, namely: untimely death, accident, temporary/permanent disability, sickness and even prime of life.

Loan Application Aid for resume writers for:
• the education/tuition of their younger siblings or children
• health and hospitalization
• construction or improvement of their homes
• travel expenses
• balance/money transfer
• personal needs like buying of a car, laptop and so on

To take advantage of this revised benefits package, any writer of resume or employee of ResumesPlanet.Com must have the following qualifications:

• He or she must be a regular employee.
• He or she must be in his or her present job designation for the past three years.

For many employees of the resume writing service, the improved benefits packaged was indeed good news.

Edith Winter, a content editor who has been with ResumesPlanet.Com for a decade now, remarked: “With those changes, I can go to work now with more peace of mind, focus on my work, and give this firm my 100 percent output… there will be lesser personal anxieties because of financial problems that all of us get to experience these days [given the present economic situation of our country].”

People, according to the administrators of ResumesPlanet.Com, are its most priceless asset. And so it knows how to make its workforce not only to be competent and profitable, but contented as well.

(For additional information about "Resume Writing Service Improves Benefits Package of Employees," interested parties may log-on to

About ResumesPlanet.Com

ResumesPlanet.Com is a registered company in the United States located at 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100 Reston, Virginia 20191. Since 1997, its resume writers have helped thousands of job-hunters achieve their career goals. It provides result-oriented documents that not only get responses from potential employers, but helps jobseekers get the job they want, too.


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Calendar abuse

  Should RealNEO just amend its open policy with the caveat that anyone who abuses the date function in the calendar will get the boot???  Play nice.

enabling abuse

I've added rel="nofollow" again to the links and reduced the event duration.

My prerogative would be to delete this post, block the user, and move on -- but it seems like we need to have this conversation. There is certainly a fine line between self-promotion and spam, but this post does not straddle it -- it lies far over on the spam side. Maybe the distinction is not so clear to others?

By the way, ResumePlanet is the same company as BestEssays. There are a number of folks complaining about credibility and tactics at -- a few threads: Deceit of,,,, and "UPS Store" - Fake address of / ( from Ukraine. Let's disregard the question of whether those who hire out their essays can complain about foul play.

These people are not going to play nice, and I don't think we should, either.

Pattern emerging?!

I deleted a posting by the same "person" last night, so they are persistent. We should probably block this account and start an investigation. We should sent an email to their registered realneo address asking them not to post such things here, although I don't really know the language to use.

If you've ever seen infomercials on late-night TV - basically paying for late night broadcast TV, these days - where lots of stupid people who go to conferences and buy books/DVDs to learn how to "make money" on the Internet... this is probably the latest of one of those things these people learn.

The telltale sign for me is the log-in name that is different than the email address name... the person who set up the account is not posting as themselves.

To me, that is where the crime against our social network is being commited, and it happens here from locals playing games with our community dialog as well.

I don't mind some fluff-head TV watching mom from Reston or wherever she is trying the latest gimmick she bought from some fraud she saw on TV network... although the TV networks should be sued for most of the infomercial crap they sell.

I do mind someone in Cleveland sniping at our public process without the courage to be real.

We can easilier identify such random site abuse as a spam event listing from VA, but it is much harded to identify a GCP or SII operative posing as a concerned citizen. Our policies need to focus on abuse by the latter, more than the former.

I suggest we leave this posting here, and not block this member, unless she demonstrates further bad will... if she posts more inappropriate commercial content, she should be blocked and contacted to explain why- give her a chance to appeal.

In the future, we may accept "commercial events" into an online commercial directory, if they are real, legitimate and pay REAL CO-OP members for the access to our community?!?!

Perhaps one of the paying customers will be resumewriter, but that is far from being determined by anyone I've talked to at realneo.

Let's keep working on our policies and terms of use... time for a meeting of the legal team! When - where?

Disrupt IT


The conversation about the original spam “essay writing” post has reached a wholesome mature state.

Time to spring the trap. 

Block the spammer (done) and preserve the conversation for the  edification of the unsuspecting who are smart enough to Google and find Realneo and read the warnings before they contract an “essay”.  

Thanks to the vigilant public (Laura, Norm, JeffS and especially Voir_Dire) and the Realneo forum, the many guises and bad reputation of the chameleon named “essay” service are now stuck like a dead fly on Realneo. 

my gratitude

Thank you, Jeff Buster and to everyone for this opportunity to post here. I appeal to the officers of the various academic educational institutions and the non governmental organizations to take a firm stand against these websites. They do not only teach the young populace dishonesty, cheating and irresponsibility; the manner by which they conduct their business operations reflect an alleged wanton disregard for laws (not only of Federal and state but also of other countries' laws). I do not seek to sway public opinion towards patronizing one group of websites over another group. I only seek to empower the general public to make enlightened and informed decisions and conclusions based on evidence readily available and verifiable within anyone's reach. These evidence have been formally submitted to the proper authorities and international law enforcement agencies.

The people behind these websites allegedly operate and manage them in Ukraine. They do not have physical presence on American soil. However, their writers are mostly from Pakistan, the Philippines and India.

The next article which shall be forthcoming will reveal more (based on evidence) of how these people have allegedly violated the laws with impunity and made a mockery of the legal system.

I therefore appeal to everyone to inform others--your next door neighbor, your favorite shop owner, your email buddies, your friends, your newspaper boy. They may have friends and relatives who may be the next victims. Let us not support entities which not only have raked in profits out of their clandestine operations as well as from fees mulcted from writers and customers but most importantly both for national and international concern, because they have disrespected and disregarded our laws and blatantly lied to the people through false advertising and propaganda.

More power to REALNEO! Thank you very much.

Fascinating insights on report writing sweatshops

Good for you for raising our awareness about this cyber sweat shop industry... and what a bad industry it is.It sounds like you have personal experience dealing with these shadow firms.

I look forward to learning more, and will talk to my kids about this and what they see among their friends (teenagers), and get word to their schools.

REALNEO is a great place to spread the word, and I expect folks at the PD will see this as well, and that should get them investigating and spreading the word to their readers.

If you have other action steps you suggest, let us know!

Americans certainly shouldn't believe work conditions are good for most "new economy" workers in the countries with histories of abusing the civil rights of citizens - IT worker or salt gatherer are treated equally poorly... same outcomes on Earth.

Disrupt IT

It is 'plague' spreading

This group of,,,,,,,, etc are all in the habit of posting adverts on the web through community online websites,  PR websites, and blogs. Their adverts contain lies for the purpose of misleading the general public. For instance, just recently the website of SuperiorPapers displayed logos of 6 established and reputable companies in UK and in the U.S. These companies did not know that their logos were posted and displayed at the website. They demanded the 'take down.' Please read more: and

Let us now address each important issue of her advert:

1-benefits for resume writers as employees--A lie. The resume writers are hired as freelancers.

PROOF: and

They have resume writers mostly from India and the Philippines. They are all home based work similar to research writers for EssayWriters, superiorpapers, etc. The support staff of all these websites are based in the Philippines including majority of its writers under Uniwork, Inc., a foreign Ukrainian company.

Freelancer is defined as  "a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer." Thus, if writers are in India and in the Philippines and are freelancers, how can it grant benefits based on regular employment? Insurance, loan assistance, educational assistance scheme? Yeah right. The web has a plethora of complaints from writers who are not paid by these people.

2-a content editor who has been with ResumesPlanet for a decade? A lie.

The domain dossier (whois look up)of the website shows that the website was created on 02 December 2006   to expire 02 December 2011. A decade is TEN YEARS. From December 2006 to present date is only more than TWO years. Moreover, verification from the Virginia State Corporation Commission shows (click on Corporate Inquiry Menu then type Universal Research Inc.)   that Universal Research Incorporated the mother company which ResumesPlanet website claims to be under was only incorporated  on 27 October 2008 with Corp ID No. 0701509-2. This company was newly created because the defunct Universal Research LLC's with ID No. T029708-7 registration was CANCELLED by the State of Va. This LLC was previously registered in the State of Nevada in 2006. So where did she get a decade?

The LLC had its office address at 11654 Plaza America Dr. #365 Reston Va 20190 is actually a UPS store and#365 is a mailbox. Thus, these people do not have any physical presence on American soil.

The new office address is a virtual office leased by regus plc.

Please await more evidence to be posted at and a second article of a series before the end of this month at and

This is not an advertisement for personal gain since the articles are on non-exclusive rights for AC. This is all for the benefit of the general public. Thanks.

Alleged Infringement

Thanks Mr. Norm Roulet!

I would like to share with all of you a first glimpse to alleged violations--but a second occasion of similar acts. Have you viewed resumesplanet dot com website--on the extreme right lower part of the front web page are 5 logos/trademark/design of 5 established companies and entities, namely Professional Association of Resume Writers (, Yahoo Hot jobs, CareerBuilder, Monster, and JoboJob dot com.

If you should check the website of is a registry there. Click on the 'search' under the first logo (similar to the one posted at resumesplanet) on the extreme upper right. You will be prompted to Then search by region on their drop-down box--since resumesplanet is in Virginia as it claims to be (specified on their website) Drop-down menu --choose US Virginia then click on 'go' You will find 9 entities and 9 contact persons (as of today) for each with CPRW certifications (Certified Professional Resume Writer) NONE of the entities show resumesplanet dot com. I wonder why resumesplanet displays the logo of PARW at its site.

Additionally, have you read the Terms and Conditions of yahoo, monster and career builder at their respective websites? For instance, CareerBuilder's Term and Conditions    No. 5 Stipulation, in part provides "x x x you may not reproduce, modify, display, sell, or distribute the Content, or use it in any other way for public or commercial purpose. This includes copying or adapting the HTML code used to generate Web pages on the Site. "CareerBuilder," the CareerBuilder design logo and certain other names or logos are service marks or trademarks of CareerBuilder, and all related product and service names, design marks and slogans are the service marks or trademarks of CareerBuilder x x x " (underscoring supplied).

Perhaps after investigation by these 5 entities and companies, they will demand a 'take down' then logos, one by one will disappear.  

Now, who would believe the above Press Release? Benefits for writers under the wing of ResumesPlanet? Magnanimous liberality for writers while allegedly 'riding on' the reputation and business standing of the established companies?

You have read it and seen it first at REALNEO!  ;-)

new articles

Hello Everyone,

I would just like to inform you that new articles are published (on a non-exclusive and display only). There is so much more than a mere custom essay writing business. Please read on--another article is forth coming.

Writing for Mr. Fraud--Yes Virginia, it is NOW EXPOSED. Second of the Series, Part 1


Piercing the Web (Veil) of Mr. Fraud's Corporate Fiction. Third of the Series, Part 2.

and the blog for the images.

(I worked on this for months so that others would be in a position to make informed decisions). Once again thanks.