REALNEO Orientation at Case Weatherhead School - Peter B. Lewis Building (Gehry)

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 12/06/2004 - 17:22.
12/07/2004 - 09:00

REI has scheduled a REALNEO orientation session from 2 - 4 PM for anyone interested in becoming more familiar with our Regional Economy Action Links for North East Ohio. We'll walk through basic site administration, like setting up a user account and adding content, and setting up a Drupal site from scratch. We'll discuss how to best use this transformational technology to transform the NEO economy. This is of course free and open to the public - when you sign in with the security desk at the PBL building (the Gehry) the guard will tell you how to find the session... room 401

Immediately following is Tuesday@REI: "Unique
Value: Cleveland & Northeast Ohio,"

Guest Moderator Charles D. Weller, Cleveland Author, Lawyer
and Health Care Entrepreneur. Chuck is Editor and Contributor of the new book
(Released 12/04) "Unique Value:
Competition Based On Innovation Creating Unique

Any questions, please email norm [at] icearth [dot] com


Case, Weatherhead, Peter B. Lewis Building Room 401

Regional economic website possibilities


We had 6 or 7 attendees - in their 20s to the 70s - learning about this Drupal based social network vehicle. 

What Norm sees coming with a region wide web site is, among other possibilities,  a generic clearing house for funding applications and business propositions.  Instead of having to figure out who to apply to for funding - ie Glide, or Glitech, or Civic Innovation Lab or JumpStart or whatever - each application/business plan would have certain criteria as needed by the community of funders - let's say there are 43 different input fields.   Then the generic application would be filed jointly and simultaneously with all (100 in NEO) funders, and they could simultaneously vet any and all applications they believed matched their philanthropic goals.  Venture Capital firms could access the same data and decide if they found ideas they wanted to fund.  The community could view, (as applicant set filtering allowed) the ideas and improve them though discussion.

This is certainly a means of expediting innovation and start ups in NEO. 

Thanks Norm for taking the time to help your community grasp the possible benefits of this community "bulletin board".