Rebuilding Iraq: A View from the Ground

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 Rob Alt writes frequently on issues of constitutional law and public policy, and is a frequent contributor to National Review, the Ashbrook Center’s No Left Turns Blog.

Alt recently spent a year in Iraq documenting the historic changes unfolding in that country following the fall of Saddam Hussein. In addition to reporting on the legal and political issues involved in Iraq’s rebuilding and the drafting of the new Iraqi Constitution, he has championed the heroism of the Iraqi people and the American troops working to create a functioning democracy after decades of dictatorship. By telling the often overlooked personal stories of the men and women building a new country, Alt has brought his readers a front-line view of the challenges and promise of a new Iraq.

Alt owns a political consulting firm, representing clients in local, state, and Congressional races. He held the position of deputy Congressional liaison for The Heritage Foundation, where he briefed Congressional members and staffs on policy issues and advised experts on the Hill and elsewhere regarding constitutional issues. Alt was also director of Public Relations and Education for the Center for Individual Rights, a leading public-interest law firm.

Prior to D.C., Alt worked for the California Assembly, where he provided analysis of pending legislation. He has served as a researcher for retired Judge Robert H. Bork and as a research assistant for Richard Epstein.


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