REOpening Treadway Creek and Whiskey Island

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Get outside during bicycle week to actually see how bikes can fit into your life. 

Treadway Creek will be officially opened by Mayor Jackson on Friday, morning, May 16th.

Whiskey Island regains it's bike access starting the next day, Saturday, May 17th.

See Marc Lefkowitz article on the coast guard station in GreenCityBlue.

Details forthcoming...Get out and explore your world by bike during Cleveland's first official BIKE WEEK!


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Buying land...

  In today's PD

Conservation grants awarded

The ArcelorMittal USA Foundation has awarded about $1 million in grants to 16 conservation programs in six Great Lakes states, including projects in Ohio to restore natural habitat and to train school teachers about wetlands. The Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership, based at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, will spend about $100,000 to buy land or complete other conservation projects. The Ohio Environmental Council will spend about $34,000 to train school teachers and create a DVD for schools. The $1 million donation is expected to be matched by as much as $3 million from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Forest Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. ArcelorMittal operates the former LTV Steel Co. in the Flats.

Selling out the next 7 generations

We should be spending $4 million suing Mittal for the harm it causes our people, not taking their smog money. But I suppose this fits well with Arts, Culture and Cancer. Cleveland sucks.

Disrupt IT

Money and land

This announcement made me wonder, where is the generosity when it is needed?  The Blossom property adjacent to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, comes to mind.

Greed and seed

While one project portends green another event scheduled simultaneously portends greed.  Which event to attend??