St. Patrick's Day is St. Bald Us for scores at A.J. Rocco's... including Norm

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 03/17/2006 - 03:32.
03/17/2006 - 14:00

St. Patrick's Day at A.J. Rocco's is a sight - people overflowing out the doors and across the patio - but that is nothing compared to what goes on inside...  barkeeps and barbers raising over $100K for children's cancer research. As hard as it is to imagine, in a few hours scores of men and women will have their heads shaved in a bar, and people will pledge money to the St. Baldrick's foundation... lots of money.

Last year, A.J. Rocco's was in the top 10 of money raisers (100s of bars do this around the world) - AJs raised over $150,000.... of course, it didn't hurt that they shaved Brian Ratner. This year, Brian returns... joined by 80 or so fellow shavees, including me.

I'm just getting around to posting this and getting my photos up on the St. Bald Us site, so about all I can do to spread word about the event is post here. If you're downtown this St. Patrick's Day, stop by A.J. Rocco's after the parade for a Guiness and a shave. Throw a few bucks (or more) at childhood cancer research, and be of good cheer... you'll be in good company, in the most Cleveland way.

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Thanks, and have a great St. Patrick's Day!


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