The AMP-OH Contract & CPP's Advanced Energy Portfolio Standard

Submitted by Stefanie Spear on Sun, 01/20/2008 - 22:24.
02/07/2008 - 17:30

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 • The proposed AMP-OH's 1,000-megawatt conventional pulverized coal-fired power plant to be built in Meigs County.
 • How should CPP diversify its energy portfolio? What role should renewables and energy efficiency play in this make up?
 • Is IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) a better technology? Is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) a viable solution?

 • Councilman Matt Zone, City of Cleveland, Ward 17
 • Richard Stuebi, BP Fellow for Energy and Environmental Advancement at The Cleveland Foundation and is also the Founder and President of NextWave Energy, Inc.

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