Tour of Historic Hubbell-Benes Pearl Rd Bank Building

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Radhika Reddy presented to the Historical Society of Old Brooklyn  on Friday 3/10 - please support ~ Ms Reddy has an amazing personal history and she shared that one of her business partners has Old Brooklyn ties to the Selzer family (see Selzer Ave) 
The Ariel Center already has a number of weddings scheduled and Ms. Reddy is very interested in leveraging this investment to benefit the Old Brooklyn neighborhood.

Old Brooklyn Historical Society is giving a tour of the renovated Pearl Bank building to Old Brooklyn Historical members-only on Tues March 14 -4:30-6:30 pm Dues to become a member are only $5 - contact Constance Ewazen 216-398-8969 for details. I can also share with residents that the Brooklyn Centre website has been restored thanks to the family of Sandy Rozhon - who dedicated so much of her life to preserving our local history - see

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