80-year-old man robbed in Tremont - Another violent robbery in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood

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CLEVELAND - Another violent robbery in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood, even after five men were arrested in connection with a summer-long crime spree.  The latest victim was an 80-year old man, who says he has been targeted before.

"As soon as I turned around, he was right on top of me...he grabbed me and said 'where's all the money at?' so he threw me on the car," explained Stephen Lazor, 80.

Lazor says around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, he was working inside a garage behind a house he owns on Tremont Avenue in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood. He says two males in their 30's approached him.  Cleveland police say the men had their hands in their pockets, indicating they had guns.

"I gave him my wallet, he took my cellphone, he got me for $295, my cell phone, and he said you gotta lay next to that Buick, get on the floor," he said.

Lazor says last July, several men robbed him of two-thousand dollars, but he does not believe they are the same people.

"He said 'somebody told me you got a lot of money'...no I don't all I got is 200 bucks...I told him I got robbed for a lot of money last year, I don't keep that kind of money here anymore," he said.

About two weeks ago, five men were indicted for a string of armed robberies that terrorized residents and visitors in Tremont during the summer.

As Cleveland police investigate this latest robbery, Stephen Lazor says he does not believe there is any connection to those.

"I think people are just taking advantage of the situation," said Lazor.

Cleveland police say they have made no arrests.


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