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My colleague has generously donated the use of her technology to our kids in the neigborhood*--a karaoke machine.  Today, we tried to belt out some High School musical tunes, Hannah Montana and then Motown, but it was uniformly painful. 

But, "painful" is not always the case.  We recently had a Singing Angel show up (not a metaphor here...a classically trained young man) and he blew us all away with an a cappella version of Starry Starry Night.  It made me revisit the songs that blew me away in my youth, so I watched The Last Waltz tonight (Boy, Robbie Robertson, was he hot then). 

Those Canadians almost had us in 1976 during the American bicentennial (Where is Neil Young these days?).  It's not too late.  "Oh, Canada, Oh Canada."  I can sing that anthem, because it is echoed by the white throated sparrows soon to be visiting us.

*as opposed to a subdivision

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Play it LOUD

The preamble to the Last Waltz. I thought about letting my neighbors really hear me scream and shout on "Forever Young," but I reconsidered and spared everyone on the street. See how nice I can be?