Jaiden Rentas

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 Jaiden Rentas has been identified as the 15-year-old girl murdered in my neighborhood. A 16-year-old has been identified as the murderer. I know most of the kids around here, but I did not know Jaiden. May she rest in peace.  There has to be more to this story. I don't know the name of the murderer.


I do know that a local underage boy is being used by the meth heads who congregate and operate out of Harper Pointe. He has a gun and he has threatened several teens. He deals pot and probably meth, too. He is under house arrest now for a car theft that was actually organized by a bunch of adults: his sister and two associates - one a pothead sometime contractor helper/sister's boyfriend and the other a prostitute/meth head.

As of October 29th, police data so far this year showed that out of the 124 homicides in the city, at least 12 have been kids ages 17 and under. -WKYC news


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CLEVELAND — News 5 Investigators have uncovered an alarming trend — a growing number of kids and teens are killed in homicides, in Ohio and the Cleveland area. Young lives being taken in numbers not seen in years, and teens and their parents are living in fear. Some say local and state leaders need to do more to keep kids alive.

On a Tuesday night in the back of a library in Cleveland, the words of the young people recording a new song tell a story. Not one you’ll find on any shelf, but a story of pain, of loss, and of life, growing up in Cleveland.