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Call for Volunteer Tour Guides of Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

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Call for Volunteer Tour Guides of Frank Lloyd Wright Houses, Cleveland Out and About April 9, 2011--

Three magnificent privately owned Frank Lloyd Wright homes will be open to the public for conversational tours and trained guides are needed.

This special event is a fundraiser for the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, a national organization whose mission is to preserve the architectural heritage of the great American architect.

Prospective volunteers are invited to an introductory meeting at the Penfield I House in Willoughby Hills on Sunday, November 7, 2:00-4:00 PM.

The houses open for the April tours are: the Staley House, designed in 1950 (North Madison); the Dobkins House, 1953 (in Canton); and the Penfield I House, 1953 (Willoughby Hills). Dobkins homeowners Dan and Dianne Chrzanowski look forward to the program saying “We welcome all guests, particularly because it gives us the chance to put away the tools of regular care and preservation, relax and enjoy, through others’ eyes, the pleasure the house brings us.” Each of the houses is a different form of Usonian building design from the last decade of Wright’s life and beautifully represents the famous architect’s life long commitment to domestic American architecture.

Palli Davis Holubar, who will coordinate the volunteer training with the homeowners says: “The houses selected for this upcoming tour are shining gems among the 12 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Ohio. It is a raregift for the public to experience living historic homes: respected for their past butalso enriched with the beauty of contemporary daily life as Wright would have intended.”

Tour guides will participate in three in-depth study sessions that will take place at the houses. Study sessions are scheduled during February and March 2011.

Individuals interested in the volunteer training should contact Palli Davis Holubar for additional information or register for the introductory session on November 7.

Contact Information: Palli Davis Holubar

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