Leave ‘Em Wanting More #5, at 1300, featuring Grant Smrekar, Paul Sydorenko and Bill Rubnik

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10/20/2006 - 19:00
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On October 20th, artists Grant Smrekar, Paul Sydorenko and Bill Rupnik will be the first to Leave ‘Em Wanting More when they initiate the final one-night only shows at the 1300 Gallery.   “We’re excited to have Grant, Paul and Bill as our first three artists for the last shows at 1300,” Martin Geramita, owner of 1300, said. “A strong opening show will be great momentum for the final series.”   With three known, Cleveland-based artists, drawing a crowd shouldn’t be an issue. Smrekar, a mixed-media artist known for his political street art, graffiti images and most recently landscape imagery and collage compositions, will join Paul Sydorenko, a multi-media artist currently showcasing work from his upcoming children’s book titled, Grounded.  Rounding out the first of the final shows at 1300 is Bill Rupnik, a self-described “visual terrorist”, whose combination of stencil art, photography and mixed media is inspired by “grime and sleaze”.

“Each of these artists bring something different to the show, while still complimenting each other stylistically,” Geramita said. “There will be something to satisfy nearly every artistic taste.”

CONTACT: Martin Geramita | marty [at] strhess [dot] com | 216.281-4868

Final Show Schedule -
#5 - October 20, 7-10 – Grant Smrekar, Paul Sydorenko, Bill Rupnik
#4 - November 3, 7-10 – Gretchen Grimm, Amy Casey, Jeremy Mann
#3 - November 17, 7-10 – Ryan Jaenke, Paul Rogers
#2 - December 8, 7-10 – Stephen Kasner, Douglas Utter, David D’Andrea
#1 - December 15, 7-10 – Derek Hess, Bask

More information: 13hundred Gallery http://www.13hundred.com


1300 Gallery
1300 West 78th
Cleveland, OH
United States