Dan Brady County Council Rep at Ward 14 meeting

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Ward 14 Democratic club's first 2011 event-- hosting County Councilman Dan Brady who will report on the status of new government and take questions.

Thursday, January 20, 6:30 PM, Applewood Center gym.

Jones Campus
3518 West 25th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44109-1995
(216) 741-2241 fax: 459-9821
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Jones Home
3518 West 25th Street
Cleveland , OH 44109
United States
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Brenda Frazier--wife of Mansfield Frazier

Deborah Webb has also posted this event--the OPEN meeting is also a good opportunity to ask Dan Brady the question of who the County Council plans on endorsing to fill the position open at Children and Family services due to the firing of Brenda Frazier: 

This story was buried in yesterday's print edition of the PD.


Can we all hold hands now as we work to Reimagine Cleveland!? 

I can't wait to eat vegetables grown by developmentally challenged folks who will be farming a plot at the FREE stamp!

I will swig my Chateau Hough wine and hold hands with my homeless brothers and sisters, singing Kumbaya!!!

Thursday, January 20, 6:30 PM, Applewood Center gym.

Should we lobby Dan Brady to help with our Merrick House Closure??? Will he have the political saavy to protect our folks and interject something positive into this nightmare? 

Do we need to protest, get petitions, and prove to the funders that we mean business regarding saving the Merrick House??? 


Dan Brady at Applewood...All residents should be invited...

Okay, let's make our west side lists that get oversighted by politics... Dan Brady is representing all residents of District 3... not just the democrats...His meeting should have been created without it being a "DEMOCRATIC PARTY" type deal. While I appreciate the concept....citizens are less apt to participate under the idea of the party issue. People are burnt out by the political side of all this. They simply want leaders who'll do the right thing in their best interests and if Dan Brady cannot conceptualize that in this neighborhood, then he's not dealing with our people inadequately! 

District 3 ISSUES: 

2) ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Small business investments into our storefronts or Master Plans that demo our community and make it into parks??? 

What kind of incentives will be offered to the small business investors who take a chance to fill storefronts and to build a life in our community? 

3) COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Abusive HUD FUNDING PRACTICES that pulled out millions of dollars from Ward 14... and were steered out... Can Cuyahoga County lobby HUD to stop funding the City of Cleveland Department of Development independently? They are simply all screwed up with their vying powers and collusion with the City Council and the Community Development Regime. The practices are infiltrated with corruption and so much more.

4) $2 Billion Dollar Not For Profit Industry on the West Side is profiting from the Quotas of Demographically Disadvantaged: How will he unite the divided, conquered, and demo'd to rebuild citizen input, public participation, and create an environment that is conducive to uniting our community at large? 

5) CODE ENFORCEMENT may be a CITY COUNCIL issue-but how will he address the industry of target code enforcement that is collusive between council, community developers, and city housing inspectors and the housing court regime? Will he understand the practices that are effectively used to steer citizens out of neighborhoods, prevent them from receiving funding grants to save homes, and so much more? (Or will he play dumb about these typical federal fair housing violations that occur daily in our neighborhoods in an effort to effectuate the Master Plans?) 

The "meet Dan Brady" is open to all

and I said so in my original posting which I then deleted after it was reposted with comments.

If you want to organize any meeting with any council representative, local, county, state, etc., Diana, you go right ahead. You can even set the agenda and control the mic. You can get the meeting room, and get the people out.

I will no longer post events regarding efforts to bring elected officials and the public together on this site for obvious reasons.