The Water Front

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 Cleveland Committee on Corporations, Law & Democracy
c/o Peace House, 10196 Magnolia Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106
Phone: 216-371-1175 Email: ClevDemocracy [at] aol [dot] com

The Water Front

Film showing and discussion with the
producer, Curtis Smith.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
7:00 p.m.
Mac's Backs: 1820 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Heights

Water is the liquid gold of the 21st century. While
corporations urge local governments to privatize municipal
water, communities around the world are organizing to ensure
affordable access to this life sustaining resource. The
Water Front is the story of the determination of Highland
Park, Michigan citizens to fight the seemingly inevitable
path of water privatization.

Come see the film and discuss this important issue with the
producer. It could happen here and we need to be ready.

Sponsored by Women Speak Out for Peace and Justice
Information: Linda Park, 216-851-0968, or veggiepark [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

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Mac's Backs
1820 Coventry Rd.
United States

Neglected waterfront


On my little excursion today, it was just me, my bike, the gulls...and some mean looking Canada Geese.  Lots of garbage and debris floating on the river.  Old Scarvelli's place has been trashed. 

Any guesses about this structure??  There used to be more intrepid folks living in the flats...on houseboats...what happened??

BAN Plastic Bags

  NEO could make a really GREEN statement by following suit--San Francisco bans
plastic bags!!!

Not mentioned in this article, but mentioned elsewhere, the number of plastic bags clogging our national waterways and sewer systems at enormous social and environmental cost and, especially, killing wildlife...which progressive City Council person will craft the ordinance for Cleveland???