YWCA Racial Justive Initiative Workshop

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04/15/2009 - 11:30
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race and ethnicity: the language of self-identity on the clock


Research shows that group identity greatly influences racial attitudes and behaviors. When it comes to how people be have in the workplace, facts are far less important than group values and perceived identity. In today’s growing multi-ethnic work culture, both internal and external environments shape employee identities, attitudes, and behaviors as the navigation between home, school, and work collide at an ever-increasing pace. In this workshop, attendees will learn to: 

  • improve workplace culture through a deeper awareness of self-identity as it relates to ethnicity and race 
  • increase productive team building with cutting-edge research related to the construction of group identity 
  • provide a framework for effective cross-cultural employee relations with strategies for communicating inclusion messages to enhance positive growth in the multi-ethnic workplace culture

wednesday, april 15, 2009

ywca women's center
4019 prospect ave., cleveland, oh 44103


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